Chief Elder Osiris : The Infinite Power Of Afrikan Theology

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, it would be remiss of me if I did not elaborate on the infinite
    power of Afrikan Theology, while religion is powerful, Afrikan Theology is
    all powerful, because it put you in the midst of thoughtful knowledge with
    the need of it to be understood and when accomplished, a reward of wisdom to
    be matched by none that is of this physical planet, will be revealed to you.

    Our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors was endowed with the ability to use both
    hemispheres of their brain and in so doing they were able to see and
    conceive things with harmony and balance, which is a requirement, if God,
    Universe, and Being, is to be understood with no doubt.

    Our Afrikan Ancestors when placed upon this planet, equipped with the
    ability to seek out the answers to all things in their presence as well as
    was not in their presence, such an ability required the use of both
    hemispheres of the Brain and they did, with grace and humility, crowned with
    Love, for all things of acceptable will to enjoy.

    Our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors was so close to their Cosmic Ancestors, the
    gods in the universe, to the degree they knew that the principals of
    opposites carried a very profound significance and to master the knowledge
    of the principal of that principal, will in fact open doors to unlimited
    knowledge about God, Universe and Being.

    Within the annals of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors sacred writings, they
    taught that there are primary dimensions, one Physical and the other Soulful

    In the physical there would come a Time when the son of man would come and
    by his coming he will seek to deceive the Afrikan world and in order to do
    that, he must create a physical domain, giving account of all the physical
    senses which can absorb and construct a foundation of doctrinal instruction
    that will require only the effort to believe, having no evidence to back up
    those instruction of what is to come and happen in this world and it will
    require hope that it all is true, and such a procedure of belief is call

    The Afrikan Theology of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors receive its revelation
    from the Soul Mind, with such requiring the use of both hemisphere of the
    Brain and by the use of such, it give the ability to perceive as well as
    conceive and with those two opposites, it give the ability to occupy the
    physical as well as the Spiritual and by being able to travel both
    corridors, the mystery about Life and God become a treasure of infinite
    knowledge, qualifying one with such balance and harmony between the physical
    and spiritual to access such unimaginable power.

    With such infinite power which come with harmony and balance between the
    physical and Spiritual, thought and mind, interacting with the mental
    Spirit, will qualify the master of such knowledge to will that which is
    needed and such will become its reality.

    Beloved, to know God is to understand that which is truthfully in action and
    from that action, it make those things to become our reality, not from the
    physical perception of our Being only, which is illusion reality but from
    the conceiveable knowledge from our Soul thoughts, which bring forth our
    mindful Spirituality from which true reality flow.

    So with the ability to bring balance and harmony to it all, it does in fact,
    give cause to the well balanced among us, to be referred to as goddess and
    gods, just as our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors were in their dispensation of
    Time in the physical as well as the Spiritual.

    Now my beloved, here we are the offspring of such infinite knowledge,
    carrying within our genome the very essence of our Ancient Afrikan
    Ancestors, as we now have allowed such Infinite power to be eroded and
    dissolved, into a trumped up profane doctrine call religion, and now we have
    become the mental weakling among the Hue-Man Family.

    Beloved, with the knowledge and understanding of our Ancient Afrikan
    Theology, the infinite power that emanate from such Truth and Reality, will
    in fact give us cause not to wonder about Reparation and it becoming a
    reality, it will be a reality, and with such, the Afrikan Nation will rise
    once again, and Reparation will come from the children of the middle passage
    being able to utalize the infinite power, which will come from us being able
    to master the knowledge of our Ancient Afrikan Theology, which require that
    we know God and not Believe in God.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble with the truth Until Our Liberation!!!

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On!!!

    Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Revolutionary

    National Chairman