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    Consider that there is only one thing Going On Daily. (GOD)

    Experiencing the perceived worse has achieved I a personal best, God Willing.

    In as much as we are willing to accept for ourselves, let me be clear in my interpretation of the idea of manipulating subjects and objects, being Goddess, because I am clearly of a goddess nature.

    Regardless of if the intent of this idea, meaning weather it stems from a pursuit of a greater good or of a lessor evil, imposing will upon others is contrary to GOD's instruction, at least in my time.

    Being Love followed by in Love, followed by the act of Love is the applied concept of detachment.

    Consumption is no cause when awareness is first, direction follows and peace subsides.

    Knowledge of God is a force that causes submission. This becomes ill defined when misapplied with an intention to be the cause of submission to God.

    If freedom is the intention of the Goddess, then the goddess submits to the interest of that particular being, making interference with the God force she is immersed in subject to her rule. Performing contrary to this intent is subjecting self to the nature of man.

    On the level of “in love”, yes, indeed all is one event. The view from above separates intentions. Forming above clearly establishes the intention of control. When the intent is to free, misapplication of freedom is applied. Discipline is an act of self control, but more importantly one should also be aware of the intent behind the discipline.

    The origin of the intention of Love is freedom, free will, free choice, so to even interfere with ignorance is contrary to self established principles.

    We even violate ourselves when we seek to control, because our nature is contrary to the idea in and of itself.

    We still look outside of self in our overstanding of self.