Black People : The Importance of US Black Complacency to the Re-Colonization of Africa


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Oct 4, 2009
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The general masses of
Africa in over 50 nations have taken note
of what has occured in Kemet
(Egypt) and understand that
single nation, protests are of no avail, however, the do know that
what did transpire after the ouster of Amrica's errand boy,
like any Mafia action, is now(military clamp down violence)
is sanctioned by the United States!

With the amount of US involvement in neoconservative opression,
and neoliberal opression via the US dominate IMF,

one can see clearly that it is in the Oligarchies strategic interest

to keep the greater masses of You and I ambivalent, non concerned and,
inactive regarding these activities to our Ancestral Homeland.

What is of greater importance is for them to keep us off focus of
Black Nationalism,
that not only would provide a safety net for us here , whenthe US economy takes it's plunge (see youtube;Gerald Celente),

but would also put as at a trillion dollars spending power (16th largest nation in the world) in the position as Garvey, Elijah Muhammed, Malcolm, Carlos Cooks, and Dr Amos Wilson stated,

to loan and invest in Africa, as well as boycott companies that promote exploitation there,
and protest and vote against US hostile involvement as US citizens , and a nation within a nation


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Nov 2, 2009
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Ankhur.. rreally though.. their couldn't be any radical use of U.S. currency.. What happened to Garvey? What happened when he tried to fund his ideas? The financial markets are part of the system of control.. the currency doesn't even belong to you.. and the use of it is conditional. Their can be no real and open accumilation of power in U.S. currency. Those accounts would be frozen and those assets seized in the blink of an eye.. your organizations financial activity would be linked to some mocked-up terrorist activity and you would be indicted.. and lets not forget, on another level, who controls the value of the currency.. Black Nationalism needs to be updated to African Cooperation.. cooperation is much harder to stop.. or to freeze.. or to seize or to outlaw..


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Oct 4, 2009
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The NYC Dominican community send back over a billion each year,
the Senagalese street vendors back in the 90s also sent collectively close to a billion US to Senegal, now this economc strategy, may not be the end all or be all but lets look at the facts!

Garvey had us more unified in focus toweards Pan Africanism, without any technology, television cable, internet, just the print media of the UNIA published in 4 languages and sent to 5 continents.

Please do not overlook the millions in charities from Black NGOs and corporations sent to the Motherland right now, as well as the millions in business black companies are engaged in.

Now Africa will face devastation , as the despots who rule now will now longer receive the crumbs from an economically destitute EU and US, and really not one invasion or drone would be engaged in without China's economic support and wink and nod, there fore who else but us can help in some way?

but you talk about opposition, who had more opposition then your and my ancestors leaving thiose plantations into a hostile blood thirsty racist environment with nothing but the rags on their backs

They had no timer for doubts, fears, pity parties or naysaying the future of their progeny


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Jan 14, 2005
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Doesn’t this total DISASTER in Libya which has cost 30 thousand lives highlight the fact that the so all pervasive onslaught/WAR being waged in every area of human activity for over 2000 years now on non-whites in general, the peoples of African ethnicity in particular far from being over is actually being ratcheted up, with Obama being President disguising a particularly vicious piece of White Supremacist Racism whereas wouldn’t a white President of the USA have received far more grief in similar circumstances?

This so despicably cowardly WAR by these so maliciously EVIL PARASITES wasn't EVER declared even before Slavery and hasn't been openly declared TODAY; has it, they JUST DO IT, as underlined by the recent so totally emasculating MURDER [we all knew it was coming but what could we do about it] on African soil of the Arab/African visionary Gaddafi in Libya?

Though the Asians [India and China whereas Japan evaded European colonialism] were militarily defeated in their homeland weren’t THEY fortunate in not having the heart of their continent ripped out by over 300 years of chattel slavery or the GENOCIDE that has totally eradicated the indigenous of Newfoundland, 80% of the Americas and Tasmania, while reducing Australia’s Aboriginals and New Zealand’s Maoris to a powerless swamped minority underclass in their homeland?

Aren’t ALL of the industrialized nuclear armed Asian countries intelligently organized and led by their own socio-economic elite and pragmatic Leaders acutely focused on both their short and long term best interests as [superbly illustrated by just how efficiently they’ve transformed the burden of feeding 2 billion peasants into the cutting edge of their ability to manufacture ANYTHING they choose to, cheaper than anyone else] opposed to the Boulé dominated AUTOMATONS [have YOU read Steven Cokely’s exposé] we’re STILL afflicted with whose only consistent legacy is treachery and betrayal, while filling their own pockets?

Isn’t it very distressing that WE are STILL not conscious of just how damaging it is to embrace non African ethnic clans religious icons as our own [where are the blue eyed teutonic blondes on the Crucifix’s worldwide in Palestine TODAY as opposed to 2000 years ago] with some even failing to see the relevance of the FACT that Yeshuah/Jesus was an African man and if he came back wouldn’t THEY just do to him what they did to Gaddafi?

Can you NOW relate to why the peoples of African ethnicity in general, in the USA and the rest of the Diaspora along with the Africans in Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of Africa in particular, NEED the so uplifting TRUTHS of an African centred History Curriculum as [opposed to the Eurocentric GARBAGE we’re still allowing ALL of our people to be poisoned with] the core of resurrecting both the individual and collective self esteem necessary to kick start the African Renaissance in the 21st century?

Isn’t it OUR responsibility to take full responsibility for intelligently programming ALL of our people as opposed to continuing to expect our diverse range of foreign enemies to do so?

Our own scholars have provided many constructive tools [have you read the Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress-Welsing and the totally superb Yurugu – An African centred critique of European cultural thought and behavior by Dr Marimba Ani] whereas isn’t the big challenge of the 21st century either getting our so consistently clueless/inept socio-economic elite to pick up the ball and make the play for both our individual and collective advancement or construct a new one that will?
Isn't anyone who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

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