The importance of Breathing exercises

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    Family as many of you know I am and have been in a battle with weight loss. I have changed my eating habits and incorporated exercise into my daily routine. One thing I have noticed about exercising is along with weight training, aerobic training and stretching proper breathing enhances the affect of the workout. Being a veteran of the armed forces while doing P.T.(physical training) we would count repetitions of exercises aloud and while running we would call cadence. For those who don't know calling cadence is the rhythmic singing or chanting members of the armed forces do while marching or running. This actually and a good practice to do while a person is doing cardiovascular exercises because it strengthens the lungs, diaphragm and the stomach. This helps deliver oxygen too working muscles and rids the body of carbon dioxide by maximizing lung intake and output. It helps develop and release the bodies inner strength or energy. In martial arts this is known as "chi". It also help release adrenaline and endorphins so that exercise duration and intensity can be increased for maximum calorie burn off. The problem with calling cadence is a majority of us don't live on military bases where calling cadence is an everyday occurrence and not out of place. If we were to go running down the street singing and chanting we would fear being picked up by the police or by the insane asylum for causing so a ruckus. My question is this:

    Family what are some breathing exercises one can do without feeling uncomfortable or disturbing others to get the full benefit of a workout...

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