Black People : The Image the world worships

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    I was reading an article about some robbery that happened pretty close to me. I wanted to respond to this other black guy that made a generic post "Lock their azzes up. Anyone of any race can get a job doing something. If robbing is your career, prison should be your retirement home."
    My response turned out to be too long for the comment section.

    My response:

    How does it feel to be destined for mediocracy? Sure, we all advertise modesty but no one says they're aiming for mediocracy when they want to grow up. We are educated to be humble.
    The only humiliating education we don't inflict upon ourselves is death and accidents.

    I get it, it's "bad". But you have to remember that there is no such thing as universal good. What we subconsciously expect out of each other is to just serve those close to us, and we subconsciously adapt to comply because the reward system is much more efficient than being purely selfish. For the exceptional success we all desire, most of "us"(US. citizens) have better chances by sticking with the mainstream rule of law.

    So let's look at the black population as a whole. Our selection was derived from the wide-scale notion from the dominating-people-power's subconscious, that we were the embodiment of filthy undesirable expendable labor. Keywords here are "wide scale and subconscious".
    Our conscious mind is representative and accountable for the individual, but our subconscious is part of a system of intelligence that spans across factions of individuals.

    An SSN and Birth Certificate don't wire you cell by cell into the "American Standard" human being.
    We are not the image desired by those in power. We are the invert of the image the entire world subconsciously favors.

    Sure, if blacks were/are known for being bad, and just 3 exceptionally socially isolated people decided to get a PHD in some STEM field. YEAH, they sure as hell would not be mediocre. But how many white people get PHDs? What does it take for them to be exceptional? Who do they manage when they open up an initiative? What business do they manage when they open up an initiative? Where does that go if all those people under them no longer exist, when they start getting the PHD's and abstract leadership management jobs? I'm not saying all white people manage blacks and black businesses, but I am saying there pyramid is a gradient from white to black, top to bottom respectively, and the only good Hitler did was **** it up and blow it up in the world's face. Without him, the entire world would be more polarized than he could ever dream of. Slavery wasn't uncomfortable enough, we had to show ourselves that every recessive trait for pigment was a gem.

    Even if we did focus on building from raw materials rather than exploiting existing systems we could never assimilate as 1 culture. We have 2 different stories to tell from two different perspectives and the emotions from each side don't merge relative to the focus of the topic. We can consider ourselves one with whites, Asians, Indians, Africans once we face planetary scale challenges together against well distributed opposition. ( i.g. a super disease, alien invasion)
    We'd be like oil in water. As sick as the metaphor is. The only way we could be noble friendly nations is if we made something new for ourselves, that we felt and was respected by others as something rightfully ours and by us. What does that entail? There's no new land to conquer or move into.

    I'm not saying it's okay to do what they're doing. I'm just saying there is a cause and effect. We're the queen telling the people to eat cake, and it doesn't matter that we're the majority because you can't kick a cripple while they're down and blame them for not walking. Unfortunately, a lot of that majority have the luxury of not having to think this deep. The depth of what race, sex & tribe and the subconscious of it all really mean. We're caught in whirlpools of power to sustain the hierarchy of perceptions.

    I just feel like if people really cared, they'd come this far to understanding that we are just where we are. There's radical ( literally radical ) things we can do to change the situation, violent and peaceful, but all of the resources are owned, we as blacks don't have a conducive specialized role or function in this modern world. Are there any left? The frontier is slim and requires a steep adjustment.

    And then after we sort out all our race issues, all the people on the bottom of the pyramid will just be ugliest of each race. And then we'll face and even more overt issue of the socio-economic-genetic lottery.
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    I feel the black guys response. Stealing is an awful thing to do. Look what stealing did to the natives that lived here. Sure people do what they do because theres a chain reaction going on, that is true. But many of us are not helpless, just really misguided and rather hard-headed in our ways.