Black Poetry : The Illest Rap Ever(reply Back)!!!!!!!!

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    Oct 3, 2001
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    For the love of Pete
    hot like my girl against my sheets
    or the bullet against my heat
    or a big gang against my fleet
    warriar from the heart
    bad rapper from the start
    watch you get torn apart
    from my poisiness rap darts
    Sheltered by my confidents
    I be confident as ****
    like a stone made of granite
    I never crack I with stand it
    Me and my girl are a match made in heaven
    you a match made in hell
    watch your lips swell when I swing with a dumb bell
    or my verbal AK7 shell
    I laugh as I watch your skin melt
    now that my verses are felt
    im whip lash you with my black belt
    im out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!