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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When You Acknowledge Your Wrong, Then See How Intelligently It Cause You to Express Yourselves !!!

    First of all let me clarify the meaning of the two terms, ignorant and intelligent, these are Rational definition, not Webster Definition:

    A.) Ignorant mean to ignore, to disregard the obvious and not so obvious, regarding events of happening that require reasonable, Rational, and Logical Empirical Thought, the fact being sometime physical and all Time Metaphysical, the Metaphysical fact, representing and verifying the Divine Truth, the Truth that does not Bend.

    B). Intelligent mean the acknowledgment of those events that are Happening, be they Physical of Metaphysical, they that happen in Harmony in the Action of its Motion, verifying its Action by the Order, of the Harmonizing Phenomena of the Action that is being made to be manifest on both Levels of Life Mental Action, the Physical illusionary Factual Level and the Metaphysical Divine Evidential Level, of the MIND ACTION.

    So the question become, is Black so call Afrikan People today, acting as Intelligent People, or is it that we are acting as Ignorant People, claiming to be intelligent, but is lacking of the Empirical Mental evidence to verify our Claim ?

    Any People that claim to be intelligent people but act on the Mental Level of Ignorance, they happen to be a people that is in Mental Trouble and the people that fit such a description, happen to be the so call Afrikan, be us in the Diaspora America, Europe, Asia and Afrika, we all carry that same Profane germ of Ignorance of our Black Selves, and we are a People that do not Know ourselves any more, such an Afrikan People are not Intelligent People but is Ignorant people, and in ignorance, there is no Divinity Present, only the Profaneness of it, which is Disorder, Division, and Imbalance of thought, in all that we do in our so call Black Afrikan Lives, with the Crown of our Ignorance being, that we are happy in our ignorance, claiming to be intelligent people, but do not have th expression of such evidence to substantiate our claim to be Intelligent.

    It happen to be ignorant people that want themselves to be falsely described, all serving as evidence that a People that do not want to be reminded of how we are behaving and prefer to be inaccurately described of the way we are behaving in Life, such a people verify that something very diseasing infected our Mind, and now we have become a people that ignore the Divine Truth about our so call Afrikan Black Selves, as we opt to pretend to be intelligent Afrikan People.

    The evidence is overwhelming that support the fact that the so call Black Afrikan, is no longer an intelligent Being, so allow me to share with you the action of intelligence, the Greatest example of Intelligence is the action of the Universe, of how it behave in its action of Motion, the Stars perform their action to perfection, the Planets perform their Action to perfection, the Elements perform their Action to perfection, even though we in our ignorance, take issue with the Elements when there is an integrating Action taking place in its performance, yet those Universal Entities, with the exception of One, by their performance, they verify that there is an intelligence presence, not so with the Being claiming to be the Most intelligent of all, calling themselves Human Beings and now here we are, acquiring the identity of the Human Being , which verify our Black so call Afrikan Human Being ignorance of Self.

    When it come to the so call Afrikan Human Being, nothing is more compelling that prove the Black so call Afrikan Ignorance, than the present state of Afrika and the present state of divisiveness of the so call Afrikan Human Beings.

    Yes, Yes, the present state of Afrika and Afrikan People , verify that a People who were once Divine Beings, meaning lived in perfect harmony with the action of the Universe, now are people proven to be ignorant people and has the audacity to become offended when being described accurately, instead of getting about the business of reclaiming our Divine Mind, which would be an intelligent thing to do, we so call Afrikans become offended because our ignorance is being revealed, and we go on the attack, making claim not to be ignorant , yet having no evidence to the contrary,

    There can be proven that there is a Divine Supreme Essence that verify Its Intelligence by the way the Universe perform.

    It can be proven that the Universe Action is based upon a set of intelligent principles, it being the product of the action of the Divine Essence.

    It is Intelligent simple Deduction, to surmise that Intelligence verify Action that is in Order, Harmony, and Balance, in all it represent to verify, and since no intelligent thing or Being, would attempt to challenge the Intelligence of the Divine Essence, ( GOD ) then it is Reasonable and Rationally Logical to conclude that the state of Afrika and the Spirit of the so call Afrikan, represent not to be under the control of intelligent people.

    Here we Black so call Afrikans are, spending all of our valuable Life time, trying to make sense out of something that has been created by the sense of a people that has created such terms to identify their spirit as being that of a Devilish Spirit, a satanic Spirit, and a Lucifer spirit, all representing the action of Profane intelligence, because such a Spirit, is in constant Harmony, Order, and balance in working Evil against all that they despise, such being in accurate term of description, is the ignorance of profane intelligence, and their main Action that is in motion, is to Lie and deceive the World, by causing Disharmony, Disorder, and life to be imbalance, with the result being Chaos, under the power of ignorance, thus preventing Order to prevail in Life Action.

    So, there is no if, and, or but, about the Mental state of us so call Black Afrikan people, we who are of a Human Being Mind, demonstrating our ignorance by the way we have allowed Afrika to become and by the transformation of our once Divine selves, to become the Selves of the Human Being, and now we have become to ignorant to Know the difference, demonstrating our ignorance by arguing the Claim that we so call Afrikan People, are now intelligent people on this Planet.

    So, there is no wonder we Afrikan Human Beings without hindsignt, embrace the perception of a concept call Religion, and we now hold Obama to be beyond Reproach, such being the Mind coming from people of so call Afrikan Descent, expressing such ignorance in our Afrikan Human Being Lives today.

    Can you Understand That ?

    Beloved, Because If You can Not, Then It Is No Wonder Why Black So Call Afrikans today, Despise The Divine Truth.

    So, The first Order Of our Black so Call Afrikan Business, Should Be and Is, to be Kind To Our Black So call Afrikan Selves, Such Require An Intelligent Move On Our Part, Beloved.

    Chief Elder