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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief elder Osiris

You know the thing that make me to become more suspicious of Black folks who are attempting to become elected in white folks political election, it is when they try very hard to be convincing to white Folks that they have too, become Race Blind, not to mention white folks making such a claim.

The thing that cause me to disrespect both Black and White people is when they use the statement when attempting to convince you that they have arrived to the gate of Divine Justice, is when in the effort to convince you so convincingly, is when they tell you that when they Look into the eyes of America Society that they do not see Black, Blue, nor Green or Yellow People, they say that they see everybody to be the same, yet I do not know if you have notice when they are making such a lying statement they leave out White People and for us to allow them to make such a lying statement in our presence and such a statement serve as a sign of how much they disrespect your Intelligence, as a matter of fact it imply that we Black folks do not have any intelligence, and for us to sit and stand idly by in the presence of such Lying Foolishness, it make us to be the biggest Fool of all, because our Silence give consent to such a lying statement.

Obama in his effort to become President, he clearly states that he does not See Black People in America, so how in the Hell is he going to work to bring to you Justice, something we have not experience in America, every since we been here, the game Black and White people play with the Human Being Afrikan American Mind and it is that type of Mind that sit ignorantly by and allow Black people play to be white people when ever they are in need of White folks approval.

Yet I have told you that all Black Folks should vote for Obama, now I know you will not do that, because you are handicap with the Human Being Mind and only a Divine Mind will be able to understand why it is that I make such a suggestion about Obama and it is not that I Think that Obama if elected President would be able to make a difference in Black Folks Lives and that is because I know how the Politics in the World as well as in America works and where the Power reside and in whose Hand it rest and most certainly not in the Hand of Politicians.

For instance, have you ever notice when people aspiring for political position or position of influence in America, the things that they say in order to convince white Folks that they can be Trusted not to do anything different than what is being done to Black People, and the Poor and Down Trodden, they make the condemning statement, saying if they are successful in obtaining their Social, Economic, and Political Goal, that they will treat every American the Same, meaning that they will not show special favor to anybody, so I ask of you, what is wrong with such a statement being made by someone vying for authority over your Life in America ?

Well I ask of you, if there is no one willing that is of power and authority to show favor to Black people, then how in the Hell do you believe because we do not Think, that the Black Life will ever receive Justice in America ?

How in the Hell can a People that have been held back from the Gate of Justice for approximate Five Hundred Years in America, ever to expect to walk through the gate of Justice if some one of authority, refuse to See Black People as we are and acknowledge that if Black People are to ever catch up to be able to walk through the gate of Justice uninhabit, first we Need to be Seen as we really are as a Race of Black People and nothing else and most certainly if we are to conquer Racism and Unjustified Prejudice then we most certainly Need to be show favor in our Effort to enter the gate of Justice in America.

Racism will not be conquerd in America nor in the wider world.

So you see beloved what is required of us to receive in America, before Justice is to become our Friend, such will not happen, so that is why, if justice, the Sovereign of Life,, and Independence, is what you Black People seek, then you must leave America with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, in order to Find it, because you see, Obama has already told you that he does not See your Black Behind.

How can anybody in America claim to be for all of the People in America when certain people in search of Power and Authority can not see the Need to first bring all of those people that have been left behind from entering the gate of Justice, must be shown Favor over those that now are walking through that Justice Gate uninhabited, which mean that Black Folks are not a Part of that Crowd.

Yet you have some copy cat Afrikan American Human Beings that will tell you the same Lie that White people Tell ypu, when trying to convince you that the seed of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice is no longer a part of their Attitude and Behavior, stating that they do not see white people, they do not see Arab people, they do not see Jewish people and here is the kicker, they claim that they no longer see themselves, so you have Black Folks walking around claiming to be your Leaders that are totally Blind to the Reality of Nature, in reference to your Black behind and you tell me I should trust such a Lying Hypocrite ? as the same apply to White people that make such a lying statement of not seeing your Black behind, when in fact to prove that they be lying, is the Present state of Life Living condition of Black People in America and in the wider World.

I Demand that the Entire World See me as I am, A Divine Black Being, A Race of People the World has so identified me to be, and that is Black, to use their created Term, and for the sake of understanding I use the Term Black, indicating a Lack of Color, so if Black Folks are to ever change our World condition, the first order of Business is for us to stop being invisible people, if no more than in our own eye sight and stop waiting on people who can not see you, nor can they see that you are deserving of being shown favor in the world, and only a Fool is not qualified to see the Wisdom in this Missive.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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