Chief Elder Osiris : The Hypocrisy Of Black And White America When the Issue Is Race

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    The Hypocrisy Of Black And White America When the Issue Is Race

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, I am here with you for a Divine Reason and no doubt it will be only for a moment, but in the Moment our Ancient Divine First way Cosmic Divine Black Afrikan Ancestors will allow me, I will give to you the information they give to me to share with you, even though it might be strong and bitter to your Mental Taste, but Trust the Ancestors, this Divine Information is Good for what is ailing the Black World as I speak to you in Writing at this moment.

    Beloved, everything about your Life is depended on you reclaiming your Divine Black Mind, because with such a Divine Mind it will show you the importance of your United Black Divinity and when your Divine Mind is back in your possession, then beloved you will have the power to correct that which the Human Being has been working to destroy, which is you and Queen Mother Earth, because you see beloved, the Human Being know that their Time and status on this planet is not forever, it is limited, because it is the Divine Order for the Black World to Rise again and bring harmony and balance back to your Black Life and the Elements that are getting ready to go into a mode of Universal Physical correction to come on this planet.

    Beloved, we must not allow the situation of Race as has been brought to the fore front for discussion by the action of Imus, this is bigger than Imus, he is just being used for a greater purpose and that purpose is to show up the hypocrisy of white power america and the Buffoonery of the Black Civil Rights Aristocracy.

    Beloved, the Imus drama is more than about the Basketball Team at Rutgers, it is about politica and the Name calling by america of our Enslaved Ancestors, every Time america refuse and deny their responsibility to our Enslaved Ancestors, then america is referring to our Enslaved Ancestors, Thus to their Children as being Nappy Head Hos and Good for nothing Bastards, that is what a white Racist Unjustified Prejudice america is referring to us as being as long as they refuse to pay our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation so that we may go home and prepare to Save the Black World and by doing so we save Mother Earth World, yet we Black People can not See that Deep, because we now wear a mind of the Human Being that is now causing us to be hypocrite in the wake of our depression and life destruction.

    Black Woman and Man, don't you see that the present weak back phony buffoon of a lying deceiving leadership is incapable of telling you the Divine Truth about what we need to do in order to save our Black Life from the devastation and destruction that is on its way to Queen Mother Earth, coming at the calling of our Queen Mother Earth because the Black World has lost all of the Divine Knowledge needed to save our Black Life, thus the World in general ?

    Black Woman and Man, you should be sick and tired of seeing the lying media fill your Human Being Mind with the false information that is passed to you over those lying and deceiving white Media, using their hand picked so call Civil Right Buffoons to lie to you about what we need to do to save our Black Life.

    Beloved our life condition has gotten to such a deteriorating stage to the point that this action of Racial demeaning is not about Imus, so stop focusing on Imus and focus on the creators and enforcers of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People in america and you will see it be those white folks that are to evil to acknowledge any wrong that they have committed against the Black World in america and every where we are on this queen Mother planet.

    AL Sharpton is on a political mission for Hillery, so dismiss him, Hillery desire to destroy Imus, they are political enemy, this is white folks affair, using Black folks as a cover, to serve their own selfish ambition, they are Rich and powerful making their act a Racist one, using Black people as a scape goat, making itseem that the focus of attention is out of respect, when they have said that we Black folks do not have Rights that they, White folks are bound to respect.

    You desire to protest, then go out and protest against not Imus but america for labeling our Enslaved Ancestors and their Children as being Nappy Head Hos not worthy to be respected and Bastards of lazy no Good Black Men that is not deserving to be with your Black Family and it is all because america is in a state of evil against paying the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    You desire to see benign hypocrisy, then why is it that our young queens of Rutgers, when they were speaking distaste for what Imus had said, they were sitting up there at no fault of their own, giving out all of the antics of white folks in regard to their Hair and the way they played with it, why have they not been taught the code of Pride, as was taught by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, telling them that Black is being proud about everything about our Black selves.

    Those young queens had been prompted on how to behave and what to believe about all that is happening around them, as all of that hypocrisy was being acted out by all of the phony Media and organization representatives, acting as if they were so concerned about those young women and they not knowing why they are where they are and the reason they are there.

    May I say that all Black Women, young and advanced in age, they all are gifted and special, but you can not recognize them in a Hypocritical lying and deceiving Racist and unjustified Prejudice environment such as america, and why don't our Black Women and Men do not know how special and gifted they are, because those weak back phony buffoon of Leaders of Black Folks do not tell the Divine Truth to Black People about what we are to do to Liberate and save our Black Life from the Social, Economic, mis-education and religious disease that is eating away the Divine Mind of Black People and replacing it with an evil, lying and deceiving Human Being Mind that condition you to be satisfied with whatever you are allowed to achieve under the control and authority of america Racism and Unjustified Prejudice.

    The Divine Truth, Black folks have been conditioned to despise the Divine Truth and our Black Life suffer from having such an attitude and behavior concerning the Divine Truth.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder