Chief Elder Osiris : The Hypocrisy Of America On The Issue Of Racism

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    The Hypocrisy Of America On The Issue Of Racism

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Not that it matters to certain Black People in America, because up to this point in Time that we have been in America, Black people have yet to wage a critical fight against America Racism, we rather wait on America to come to terms with their Racism and so far that has yet to happen.

    Not since Garvey had there been a Movement to address Racism in a Liberating way and that way was for Garvey to point the way to Black people where our Salvation, our Liberation reside, which is in Afrika and before Garvey could put his force of wisdom into full practice, the racist elements of the system of America, succeeded in getting traitorous Black agents to participate in setting up Garvey so that his Back to Afrika ideas would not take root in the Mind of Black people in America.

    Garvey never squander on the issue of Racism in America, yet today in the New Millennium, we have Black Folks who do not feel comfortable in dealing with the reality of Racism in America today.

    As I observer these Racist White Folks in authority of the America Media, how they are experts in participating in the Dumbing down Black people in America from having the Mind to address Racism in America.

    The Media has succeeded in controlling the Mind Belief of Black Folks in America about Racism, having Black people in a frame of Mind that have us classifying and categorizing White authority, choosing Left Wing White Authority to show our trust and allegiance to as oppose to the right wing white authority, as if there are white folks in authority that give one **** about our do nothing Black behind here in America.

    Listen Beloved, as I see it, and I have been seeing for quite sometime now, not just looking but seeing, what I have come to observe and to know, which is that the most aggressive and potent enemy against Black people having the right to enjoy Justice, Freedom, independence, sovereignty, and joy of life, happen to be those White Folks in authority that refer to themselves as being on the Liberal left of the political persuasion.

    In other word,, Even though I do not Trust White folks with power, when it come to Black people Freedom and Justice, the gravest enemy to Black People Liberation happen to be those white folks calling themselves Liberals.

    If I had to deal with the choice between a Glen Beck and a Chris Matthew, give me Glen Beck every time, now, why do I say that, well if two white men in authority is going to speak as straight as they can with me about Black people and our right to Justice and freedom of choice concerning our stay in America and our right to our Ancestors Reparation, I would rather think it would be a Glen Beck before a Chris Matthew.

    I have learned a long Time ago that it is the white liberal authority that is the most hypocritical, lying, and deceiving element among the white establishment, yet as I have from Time to Time shared with you the mighty Truth about White Racist Authority, White Folks of that element, they Lie, they Lie right in the face of Black people about how they believe about our Black behind and Black folks just love you some white liberals in Racist America.

    The biggest lieliberals tell to Black people right to our face, is when they say to Black people these words, standing right in front of you Black people and they Lie to you with a smile telling you that they do not see you as a Black person, while all of that Blackness is starring them right in the face.

    The arrogance of White Racist, even as they are talking to you they are disrespecting you for who you are by transforming your Black behind right where you stand and all that you do is grin and accept it, they being lies with a refusal to accept and see you as your Black behind is appearing right before their lying eyes of a Mind.

    The Black America Liberals Lover, they Lie just as expertly or more so than the white Racist do to Black People and that make Black America so call Liberals to be way more dangerous to Black people than the White Racist are, those on both side of the Racist Liberal and conservative aisle of lies and deception.

    Americans in Authority is the most deceiving Racist hypocrite when the issue of Race is the topic of play, I say play because the White Racist American is not equipped nor are they prepared to take on the issue of Race in America, so what do they do, they lie and deceive while pretending to be who they really are not, to the gullible minded Black Americans, you who are hungry for America White Authority to embrace our sorry behind.

    I know you do not like this Divine Truth that I am sharing with you, but by now you should know that I do not share to the whim of your likes, I share to be informative about that which I see to be the Divine Truth, without the phony sugar plum on it, just the fully dressed Divine Truth, informing you that you either can take it or reject it, your action will not have a changing effect upon the Divine Truth and all that is Divinely Real.

    I rather listen to Fox Media than all of those other networks combined, at least I know I will hear straight Talk coming from Racist Minds than crooked Talk coming from Racist hypocritical Minds, those are the quality of Mind that keep Black people in a Dumbed Down frame of believing Mind and it is the believing Mind that has no Time to Think, as Black Folks follow the influence of their Racist Liberal Luciferian leaders.

    Obama is a Racial Fence straddler, he is not in a Mental position to deal Honest with the Race problem in America, so what he does, he attempt to project himself to be above the fray of Racial disharmony in America and you know what your Jesus said about fence straddlers, they are good for nothing and need to be spewed from your Mind, the Mind that Think , is that which I am referring to.

    A fence straddler is a very dangerous person, why, because first of all they have no self respect and they are cowards to take a stand on very important issues that concern Black people, they are liars and deceivers and need not to be trusted, because their Mind is not their own.

    So no, the issue of Race, if you Black folks are waiting on the likes of White Racist authority to declare there to be a National open forum of a discussion on Race in America, you can forget it, and you should.

    So tell me, what is preventing Black Folks from organizing their on National Discussion on Race, why do we always want White Folks to lead us Black People, when in fact they have shown Black people that they do not Trust Black people, because of the fact that they really do know who we really are, and what our potential is when ever a crowd of Black people congregate in unity with the Mind set upon the same goal.

    When it come to the issue of Race, Black Americans are just as hypocritical in dealing with the issue of Race in America than white authority is, you know why, because you can not discuss Race in America without dealing with Racism in America, and you can not deal with Racism in America without you dealing with the issue of Reparation, Repatriation, and the Right of the Children of the Middle Passage to become the next established State in Afrika, such a goal frighten the Hell into Black so call Afrikan Americans.

    So no, President Obama will not deal with the issue of Race in America, Hell, Obama do not acknowledge that Race is a Problem of Black people in America, he is not capable of dealing with the side of of his Father and the Reality of America History of Enslaving our Black Afrikan Ancestors, a side he does not choose to Divinely Relate to, so no, Obama serve to no Liberating benefit to Black People in America here by way of the Middle Passage and is not ashamed of that heritage lineage.

    America is steeped deep in the action of Racism and you can see it in every phase of America Institutional involvement with Black People.

    Hypocrisy America is, when the issue of Race is front and center in America.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    greetings chief,i think it was lincoln who stated that the blackman has no rights that the whiteman will respect,he may have been the last truly honest whiteman in the whitehouse,yes america's hypocrisy is front and center and they aren't trying to hide it,my bone of contention is thier taking back the inner city and pushing us out which i refer to as the[modern day trail of tears]as for the president i believe that he has to straddle the fence on alot of issues especially race because even after[400]plus years blacks and whites are not ready for an open serious discussion on race.