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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    It is apparent that when the issue is Race, Black Folks have not a lasting say about what constitute Racial Equality, Racial Unity, and Racial independence, translated to mean Race Difference and having a Right to Power, in this instance, Black Power.

    It appears that no where on this Earth is the Black Race to be seriously discussed and received as is, having the Natural Right to to be exclusively self sufficient, in an Integrated Relationship with another Race that has exclusivity and the right to Power, it is obvious that it is automatically accepted for White People, or shall I sat the White Race, to live in a position of Power and that there is nothing offensive about the term usage of White Power, because it is not just a term, not just a symbol, but a way of Life of the White Race, and is world wide accepted without objection by the White Race.

    The most telling sign of the prevailing Maintenance of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Racial Discrimination, now practiced by the White Race Power of the World, is the fact that it is White Power that is in a position to determine and decide what Race relation with Black People is to be, and to represent, it most certainly is not to be defined by Black People.

    The fact that White Power resent and take it to be offensive for Black People to indicate or Symbolize the Black Race in search for Power, Black Power, such is unacceptable to the White Power structure of the White Race, I do not even take into consideration the Subjugated Afrikans that indicate the Thought of Black People and having Power, is offensive to them, such a so call Afrikan, does not count with value among the Black Race.

    Racial Harmony when sought Divinely So, has no objection to the Black Race enjoying Racial Equal Opportunity to obtain Power in the World and to symbolize that desire and drive to do so, with a Symbol of a Black Fist, well recognized by the Black World to symbolize not Racism, not justified Prejudice ( which is a Justified Behavior Priviledged to Black People ) not Discrimination, but the Divine Right to Power in the World.

    To have the Statue of the Black Nationalist Symbol of Power to be taken away, as indicated in the Missive below, is the act of a Racist, Unjustified, and Discriminating behavior of White Power, an act that verify that White Power is not serious about cultivating Racial Harmony with the Black Race, but is only interested in maintaining a parential hold over the Black Race, being able to decide what is in the best interest of White Power for Black People, which is certainly not black Power.

    To Remove That Statue Of The Black Fist Symbolizing Black Power, Will Be A Racist Act by white Power.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved


    Chief Elder

    Race row over 'Black Power' statue meant to bring a community together

    It was meant as a powerful symbol commemorating the abolition of the slave trade and celebrating good community relations.

    Instead, a £15,000 sculpture installed in an inner-city park - depicting a large, black clenched fist - has itself been accused of being racially divisive.

    Local residents condemned the artwork as aggressive and offensive, and now the charity which commissioned it has bowed to pressure and ordered a redesign.
    Racial overtones? The controversial statue outside the new sports barn in Seymour Park, Old Trafford

    Racial overtones? The controversial statue outside the new sports barn in Seymour Park, Old Trafford

    The metal fist, similar to the infamous Black Power salute by two U.S. athletes at the 1968 Olympics, is the centrepiece of the sculpture in Old Trafford, Manchester.

    The area is racially mixed and the artwork - outside a youth centre - was designed with the help of local teenagers, who were apparently inspired by last year's bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade.

    However, some older residents, black and white, were horrified by the clenched fist and petitioned the council to remove it.

    Seymour Park, where the sculpture stands, is popular with elderly residents as a meeting place and for walking dogs, as well as for young families.

    Tommy Gallagher, vice-chairman of the Friends of Old Trafford community group, said: 'A clenched fist is really racist to a lot of people around here. I think people want to see it removed now. They are not happy about it at all.'

    The sculpture is clearly reminiscent of the gloved salute by sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos on the podium at the Mexico Olympics.

    Although their controversial gesture is now regarded as a principled protest from the civil rights era, the Black Power movement was associated with violence and separatism.

    Following the outcry over the sculpture, it will be revamped with shackles and chains added to the fist along with a plaque explaining its anti-slavery message.

    It was commissioned by environmental charity Groundwork with funding from the Government's Safer Stronger Communities Fund for deprived areas and the European Regional Development Fund.

    Artist Paulajaine Goodwin said her initial brief was for an even more dramatic image. 'They wanted a 6ft fist crashing up through a boat,' she added.

    'We made it much more subtle. We have just done our jobs and we are sorry that we were asked to do something that may have been offensive to some people.'

    Tina Blake, Groundwork's community programme manager, said: 'The intention was never to offend anyone .'