Black People : The Hypocracy of whites..(topic based on meta's "decoding racism in advertising"

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    Did u notice how many white males drooled over who off the "sopranos" would be "taken out" in the finale and they were mad about that, and yet in the same token talk about how black youths are murdering each other in the inner cities and they need to stop it and become civil citizens......

    I wonder why alot of people here dont focus in the "mafia" glorification in america, also whats worst is how many young black males look up to these thugs and even though these italian mobsters despised them....

    I brought this topic up a while back but no one seemed to want to talk about it....I will point where this with everything it starts with them savage beasts the spaniards, italians, and greeks


    In the 1950's-1990's it was the glorification of savage thugish cowboys who murdered millions of indians



    Cant forget the pirates whites also glorify..christo colon was a pirate (chrisopher columbus) a sea beast ...notice they say this thug reaches the new starts with him for sure...


    Ceasar Borgias was a mafia don that was used as the "image" of jesus by michaelangelo...I'd say from here this began this whole "mafia is great" bull **** we all know the vatican has the biggest mafia don on earth...the pope!!!!

    Cesare Borgia - Academic Kids

    Ironic how this is a site for a child..I saw more good websites but this is closet I could get to it...