Brother AACOOLDRE : The hunchback of Egypt (revised)

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    “A man (Jesus) of suffering, accustomed to infirmity” Isaiah 53:3

    King Tutankhamen had a bad back. Inference from Isaiah indicates Jesus suffered a life-long problem that went undisclosed.

    The original X-rays done in 2004, for the first time on public display at London's Science Museum, show an abnormal curvature of the spine and fusion of the upper vertebrae, a condition associated with scoliosis and a rare disorder called Klippel-Feil syndrome, which makes sufferers look as if they have a short neck.

    According to Salt Lake City chief medical examiner Todd Grey, King Tut may have needed a cane to support himself or to help with walking. About 130 walking sticks found among his fabulous treasure would support the theory.

    "Because of the severe scoliosis {crookedness of spine/back} often associated to Klippel-Feil syndrome, he could have looked somewhat deformed. In addition to problems with the musculoskeletal system, this syndrome is also associated with anomalies of the kidneys, heart and nervous system. Thirty per cent of the patients also would have hearing problems.
    This is amazingly good new information. This data I would have to compare with the Jewish historian Josephus. One of the first pioneer black historians J.A. Rogers wrote “Nature knows no Color Line” way back in 1952. Rogers said: “Josephus, Jewish Historian of the first century said that Christ “was a man of simple appearance, mature age, dark skin, 4feet and a half [or nearly 5 foot], hunchbacked”. p.40

    If Jesus was hunchbacked then he was in the same boat with King Tut. Many scholars are already saying King Tut is the historical person for Jesus. King Tut was called Aton/Adon and Amen.Both reputed to have daughters. Jesus was called Adon in Psalm 110:1 and called Amen by St. Paul. Both were visited by three Wise/Magicians. Both received blows to the head contributing to their deaths.

    Isaiah was right Jesus had an infirmity (illness or weakness). The only question is if King Tut disease was Jesus disease.

    Read "Historical Deception" by Moustafa Gadalla for evidence between King Tut=Jesus.

    The reporters to Josephus were off on the height of King Tut with him being 5’6 from his bones modern Egyptologist measured from his grave site.