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    The famine/cannibalism that Titus creates against the Jews by warfare (in 70AD ) starts to manifest when he builds a wall encircling Jerusalem see (War of the Jews 5, 12, 499-501). The story is cited in Luke 19:43 and in Luke 21:10-20)

    Scholars like Melito in the second century have understood that the child in Josephus’ War of the Jews passage about the Starving Mary cannibalism was a symbolic Passover Lamb. In fact the child is the only Human Passover Lamb, other than the New Testament Jesus, in literature. It is self-evident that something as rare as a coherent description of the invention of Christianity did not occur accidentally in the passage describing literature’s only other human Passover lamb. The “mythos puns” are a bold-faced confession of the invention of Christianity and its anti-Semitism by the Romans.

    Though the acts revealed by the declaration are perhaps the most evil in history, it is hard not to give the devil his due. The authors of the subtly shifting “mythos” wordplay possessed a literary skill only surpassed by their wickedness. They (The Flavian dynasty) not only punished the Jews for their rebellion (like chopping off hands and private parts of children & adults) by poisoning their future, but were able to notify posterity that they had done so using only erudite puns.

    The myth had been lifted from the Egyptian Myth of Osiris penis being chopped off by Satan and thrown in the Nile river to be eaten by a Nile fish was transferred from Fish to man. And if the Jews are symbolically eating the flesh of Jesus it has to be the phallus because no bones were allowed to be broken (Exodus 12: 43-49/John 19:36). As a matter of fact Paul (Tiny) was kicked in his ***** and was castrated and he says Jesus had his same marks.

    Finally, the short chapter in War of the Jews that contains the “Son of Mary” passage concludes with Titus, having been told the story of the mother who ate her son’s flesh, delivering a sermon on the meaning of the sordid affair see War of the Jews 6,3, 215-219).

    The strange fact that Jesus’s flesh was the basis for the sacrament of the Eucharist symbolized as Manna/Mushrooms/Penis (in the Gospel of John’s chapter 6/Exodus 16:31-34). Catholics turn it into a Wafer disk resembling the circular sun or a testicle you have your pick for your feast of sins, doing in mythology what Satan did to Osiris (see Deuteronomy 28: 49-57).