Black Spirituality Religion : The human incarnation is a replica of the divine Father and Secret behind Miracles

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    The human incarnation is a replica of the divine Father and Secret behind Miracles

    The human incarnation is a replica of the divine Father. God is the divine Father and controls the creation (Mother). The creation is represented by female and God as male based on the ancient Indian tradition in which the female is always under the control of male. Manusmruti says that the female is controlled by the father in the childhood, by the husband in youth and by the son in the old age. Brahma, who created, controls the creation like father. Vishnu, who maintains, controls the creation like husband. When the creation comes to the end (Old age), Shiva controls the creation like son. But what about the son who is a replica of God i.e. the human incarnation? The son having the aspect of God is also the controller of the mother.

    But the son also has the other aspect of the human body that is delivered by the mother. Therefore he respects the mother always and when a rare occasion comes, he shows his male character and controls the mother. But such occasion is very rare and therefore the mother will not mistake her son. The same God having the male character controls the creation representing the female character always as the father, as the husband and as a son. Therefore the human incarnation always behaves as an obedient son of the mother only following all the rules of nature.

    Krishna never showed any super power throughout the eighteen days of the war. He was following the rules of Prakruti (Mother) like an obedient son only. When a rare and inevitable occasion came to protect Arjuna, He hid the sun by His Maya and created a false sunset. This is violation of nature but the mother will not mistake for it. She knows that her son is in need of such violation since it is inevitable. She co-operates with her son. Thus the human incarnation is liked by both the Father and mother.

    Whenever the human incarnation exhibits the super power, the nature also co-operates like mother to her son. Thus it is not treated as violation of the nature. The nature is not insulted here. Whenever there is a necessity of a miracle, it occurs spontaneously because the nature also co-operates with the son in the divine program. Even God does not like to violate the rules of the creation. Therefore the power of violation of the natural rules (Maya) is kept with the God only (Mayinam tu Maheshwaram –Gita). God as father or as husband or as son does not like to disturb the independent status of the nature. World is separated from God as an object of entertainment with individuality.

    God gives equal status to the nature (Prakrutim Purushamchaiva –Gita). Same is the case with the son of God. He has the Maya limited to Himself only and does not like to exhibit it for name and fame. No son will insult his mother for his name and fame. Similarly, the father or husband towards the daughter or wife. When a situation of emergent requirement comes, even the mother, daughter, or wife will not mistake for the violation and in fact co-operates. This is the difference between the human incarnation and the human being on exhibiting super powers.

    The demon always exhibits the super powers and insults the mother for his fame and supremacy. The mother will finally insult him in such a way that he is completely destroyed. Here also, the attitude is not revenge but transformation of the soul only. In the childhood, Krishna exhibited a series of miracles continuously because it was very much pressing emergency because His own life was under threat. If He does not save His own life, He cannot implement the divine program for which He has come down.

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    Within all men and women is the image of the Father, as we have been told by the Holy Scriptures. And within the Son is the Father's image, as He has told us when He came to be a sacrifice for us in His body, for our sins. And it was to perfection after the resurrection of His body from the dead, so that all saw His glory in light and without corruption. All faithful should keep this to their knowledge in faith and belief and trust in the Father and the Son.