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    Louis Farrakhan (Abdul Halim Furqan Muhammad) was born Louis Eugene Wolcott on Thursday, May 11, 1933, at 1:55 am (EDT), in Bronx, New York. He was born with the Sun in Taurus, the Moon in Sagittarius, and his time of birth gives him Aquarius rising. In other words, Minister Farrakhan is a Taurus with a Sagittarian personality who sees the world through the eyes of an Aquarian...

    Min. Farrakhan's natal Sun in Taurus shows that he is stable and well balanced, calmly confident and strongly sensual, with a powerful appetite for life. He enjoys simplicity, serenity, and a slow tempo, but he experiences occasional rages and violent reactions. Some of the key words that describe his personality are faithfulness, steadfastness, industriousness, obstinacy, stubbornness and patience. He possesses a practical and realistic mind, and much common sense. He is firm, faithful and jealous in his feelings. Politically he is peace loving and protective toward the civil rights of the common people.

    His Taurus Sun conjuncts Venus, his ruling planet, in the 3rd house of communications. This shows that he is a skilled communicator with profound elocutionary expertise, and he excels as a public speaker and professional lobbyist. Mercury, the planet of the mind, is in early Taurus and occupies the 2nd house of money and material possessions. It conjoins Uranus, his life ruler, which is in late Aries. The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus on the natural zodiac, and the emphasis here indicates that much attention is focused on material acquisitions. Planets in Taurus or the 2nd house also gives a person a distinct voice and confers great oratorical powers. Min. Farrakhan possesses a very distinct voice, and he is a superb orator - being very dynamic and articulate in speech.

    The Moon in Sagittarius shows that Min. Farrakhan is a deeply religious man who loves his freedom and independence. He is jovial (a word derived from Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius), active, fond of travel and sports, and a lover of the great outdoors. He is sincere, candid, and cordial toward those of different religious persuasions. There is the tendency to be blunt, however, to say whatever occurs to him at the moment - and think about it afterwards, if at all. Min. Farrakhan says whatever he thinks, an admirable quality to say the least, but not always a diplomatic one...

    He is generally good-natured, kind and honest, with a high-minded regard for the rights of others. In fact, an injustice to someone else amounts to a personal affront in his eyesight. He is quick to anger, but he has a forgiving nature and does not usually hold a grudge. Min. Farrakhan is a natural teacher, a visionary, for the Moon in Sagittarius enables him to see the outcome of events from a long distance. He has an active intuition, with accurate dreams that often come true...

    The Moon occupies the 10th house of careers, status and professionalism, and conjuncts the Midheaven (cusp of the 10th house, the highest point in the horoscope). Min. Farrakhan’s fiery personality dominates his individuality, because the Moon – ruler of the personality – was high in the Heavens at the time of his birth, whereas the Sun – ruler of the individuality – was near the Nadir, or lowest part of the Heavens. The Sun in Taurus/Moon in Sagittarius polarity greatly modifies the stubbornness and self-centeredness of Min. Farrakhan’s basic nature, giving him the inclination and ability for public speaking and the ministerial profession. It brings into activity a good portion of the life force, which indicates a life of great activity in matters pertaining to religion, philosophy, and social consciousness-raising.
    With the Moon conjunct the Midheaven in his horoscope, Min. Farrakhan’s feelings and emotions are directly linked to his ego. This indicates that his personality functions well as a result of having achieved status and prestige among a large segment of African American people. This lunar aspect indicates popularity and a life in the public eye. It favors actors, entertainers and politicians, and confers gains through women of wealth and high social standing. Min. Farrakhan instinctively senses public opinion, and he has the ability to use this gift.

    The fixed air sign Aquarius was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of Min. Farrakhan’s birth, and with Aquarius rising he is electric, eccentric, magnetic, inspirational, impressionistic, studious, affectionate and intuitive. He always appears quite self-confident, and exudes an air of “if you like me, fine – if you don’t, that’s fine too.” He enjoys being different, and takes great pride in his distinct individualism. He has strong powers of concentration, deep feelings, and a great love of beauty in the form of music, art and nature. Aquarius rising also indicates that Min. Farrakhan has a keen interest and appreciation for the occult sciences. Aquarius is the sign of truth, thus Min. Farrakhan is cosmically compelled to “tell it like it is.”

    There is a powerful triple conjunction in the 7th house of marriage, intimate relationships, business partnerships, and open enemies. Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are in close conjunction (within 8° orb) in the intellectual earth sign Virgo. And two important hypothetical points – the Part of Fortune and the South Node – conjunct these planets in the 7th house. The heavy emphasis in this house indicates a person who feels incomplete alone, and strives to fill the void with close partnerships or intimate confrontations...

    Min. Farrakhan functions better in interaction with others. Not necessarily passive or dependent, he can be assertive and take the initiative in forming relationships. He may encourage others to become dependent on him, thereby maintaining the relationships he needs. Some people who have many planets in the 7th house pick partners with whom they consistently argue and/or fight with. To them having a good battle is better than being alone...

    Although there is only one planet in the air signs (Saturn in Aquarius), there are five planets in the air houses (3rd/7th/11th) and an air sign is on the Ascendant. This emphasis accentuates Min. Farrakhan's superior intellectual ability. There are no planets in the fire houses (1st/5th/9th), but the Moon and Uranus (his life ruler) are in fire signs. There is only one planet in the water signs (Pluto in Cancer) and one planet (Saturn) in the water houses (4th/ 8th/12th). This indicates that Min. Farrakhan is not an emotional person...

    With six planets in the earth signs and four planets in the earth houses (2nd/6th/l0th) he is very practical, dependable, methodical, patient and hard working. He is a Virgo underneath, because he was born with six planets in the earth signs and four planets in the mutable signs (Virgo is a mutable earth sign). This gives him a critical, analytical and highly discriminating nature that surfaces more often than not...

    (The name “Farrakhan” is derived from the Arabic word “furqan,” meaning something which differentiates between what is true and what is false; an argument, a proof or evidence, because an argument or a proof serves to discriminate between right and wrong. The word “furqan” also signifies “dawn,” because dawn distinguishes the day from the night...)