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    By Andre Austin

    "Philo Judaes of Alexandria (20-50AD), living during the supposed time of Jesus life.Philo was a member of what has been claimed to be the wealthiest family in the Roman Empire, and thereby one of the most powerful. Philo’s brother, Alexander the Alabarch was a builder of the Jerusalem Temple, while the writer’s nephew Tiberius Julius Alexander (One of several who made Simon Peter take the cross Mark 15:21 & War of Jews 7,6.4), served as procurator of Judea and later a perfect of Egypt. After inheriting the Alabarch’s fortune, Tiberias later helped the Roman Emperors Vespasian (whose name mean ‘Wasp’) and Titus along with the Jewish historian Josephus to destroy his father’s sacred building.

    Because of the enormous financial resources, Philo’s works-very large and expensive to produce-apparently were disseminated widely during his lifetime, a fairly rare occurrence that only happened with a well-oiled and extensive distribution system, such as a brotherhood network, including various collegia, sodalicia and other fraternities.
    These texts were highly influential on the Christian effort, which patently built upon many of Philo’s notions, themselves in turn representing a synthesis of Judaism and paganism”-See Did Moses Exist By D.M. Murdock p.12-13

    Philo Essay on the Messianic age excerpts:
    “Thus the war that is in time and nature anterior will be abolished through the pacification and taming of the wild beasts”. (The Romans turned the Jews into tame Donkeys and Sheep in the gospel. Don’t forget Vespasian nickname was “The Mule-driver)

    The Qualities of the Ultimate Sovereignty of God’s Holy Ones
    For “a man shall come forth (Numbers 24 & War of Jews 6,5, 4) says the oracle will command an armed host and make war and subdue great and populous nations…Some of the enemy, he says will be unworthy to be defeated by men, against them he will array swarms of wasps to bring upon them shameful destruction, while fighting in defense of his holy ones (see Exodus 23:28, Deuteromy 7:20 and Joshua 24:12”. (see Philo of Alexandria edited by Richard Payne p.294-298)
    Josephus, Suetonius and Tacitus seized upon Philo’s writings and said this applied to Vespasian (The wasp) and Titus, (son of the Wasp) for a 2nd Exodus and takeover of the land of Canaan/Palestine. Philo also wrote at the end of this essay: “For just as when tree trunks are cut away, as long as the roots are not removed, new shoots burgeon forth by which the old stumps are eclipsed”. (see Romans 11:17-24 & Luke 3:9 Romans pruned Eleazar/Lazarus grafted a tame branch in)Vespasian grafted himself as an Olive Tree and eclipsed the Jews as their secret Messiah/Christ. Recall Vespasian makes his cameo appearance in the Gospel spiting in a blind man’s eyes and being seen as a Messianic Tree?( John 9:6 The Twelve Caesar’s By Suetonius 5.7 Domitian didn’t like this and had his famous line in Revelations of those claiming to be Jews and are not.

    Joshua 24:12 (Recycle)
    Joshua was the one responsible for getting the Jews to Palestine. “ I sent the hornet (Wasp) ahead of you”.
    “The lord your God will send the hornet (wasp) among them until even the survivors who hide from you have perished” (Deuteronomy 7:20)
    “I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Canaanites out of your way” Exodus 23:28
    When Vespasian & Titus made war against the Jews they just reversed a 2nd Exodus but in their favor
    Jesus had stated in the Gospel the son of man would come and destroy the Temple within a generation (40 years). Jesus dies in 33AD and Vespasian and Titus finally takes over Palestine at the battle of Masada in 73AD exactly forty years to the day between the two events. By giving Christianity a forty-year cycle, the Romans were proving that their conquest of Judea (Palestine was merely another case of God’s wrath for Jewish wickedness, as had often been recorded by the Jew’s own religious literature. See judges 13:1 being delivered in the hands of the Philistines for 40 years.

    The Scope of Roman Planning of Rabbinical Judaism & Christianity
    Few know that both religions superseded and replaced the militaristic form of Judaism into accepting slavery and paying taxes to a pagan empire. In their writings they just switch some of the names from Wasp to Locust. Vespasian sting was the use of the catapult nicknamed the Scorpion to throw missile stones they joked the Jews could eat for an egg and eat stone loaves of bread symbolic of their Legions. And as punishment for their sins they could cannibalized their own infants which evolved into the Eucharist (Lev 26:29) named Elezar/Lazarus (War of Jews 6,3.4 with whom they made him a supper (John 12:2-3)
    For more information please see
    Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah By Joe Atwill
    Caesar’s Messiah By Joe Atwill