Black Short Stories : The hoodlum of REAL hip hop

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    *in record exec ms ascencios car shes on the phone*
    Ascencio: im telling you frank, im going to find some talent out here! the streets of cali have kids who can be stars
    Frank: ok sidney, good luck not getting jacked
    Ascencio: hey im just going to a club why cant you trust people?
    Frank: hey lets not argue just looking out for you. So who is this kid your looking for?
    Ascencio: Aaron, aka Da Hood-lum,18 a former stick up kid who when he got back from his three year stint in juvie started to pick up rapping and has been on west coast mixtapes since he got back i heard. every other label is out to get this kid im telling you once they hear him they will be after him. Im going to see him tonight. People are calling this kid the West Coast Nasty Nas
    Frank: ok good luck
    Ascencio: i dont need luck this kid is coming with us
    *parks car and gets in club*
    *walks in*
    Ascencio:im here to see Da Hood-lum. where is he?
    *a buff dude steps up*
    Bigman: im dudes manager you can talk to me
    Ascencio: but i need to speak to the artist in question
    *Aaron aka DH pops up*
    DH: yo Bigman Bigman chill bruh she looks cool. Your name?
    Ascencio: Sidney Ascencio of arista records home of outkast
    DH: yeah i know i know your here to talk to me? about a record deal?
    Ascencio: yes i am. ive listened to some of your mixtapes and your not the "mainstream" rapper that most people listen to. your very diverse a very funny yet deep rapper people need to hear your stuff thats why we want to sign you
    DH: wow you really think so?
    Ascencio: yes you are real hip hop
    DH: pssh i know THAT. so lets talk about the deal. we gotta talk with Bigman too dude is my manager
    Ascencio: why are you two so close?
    DH: well ya see hes been with me since the beginning. hes the first person who read my rhymes when i was in prison. Hes also the guy whos letting me stay at his place right now
    Ascencio: i see. ok then get him in here
    *BigMan comes in the room*
    BigMan: whats up ready to do business lady?
    Ascencio: yes
    DH: or si, no?
    Ascencio: haah yes si. please sign here.
    DH: ok *signs contract* and i will always keep it real*holds hand near heart*
    Ascencio: we hope you do that.
    DH: sooooooooo...... wehn do i get in the studio?:??
    Ascencio: tomorrow. record your 1st single and see how it goes
    DH: aight then see ya tomorrow cause right now i gotta do a show
    Ascencio: actually i think ill catch the show
    DH: wise choice
    *DH gets on stage and walks up to host of the club, mr funds*
    Mr funds: and next up is a fresh new cat from south central that yall been hearing on mixtapes all summer long give it up for the show jacker, DA HOODLUM
    crowd: aaaaaaah yeaaah
    DH: alright fam let me tell yall exactly who i am, I spit that static the same way as an automatic, my stuff bangs everywhere in all shapes sizes or forms from highschools to college dorms cause i got that ill vocabulary, im a ghetto visionary, my punchlines are so strong its scary like hairy the werewolf, I aint the boss hog no need to be, all i gotta do is be a real mc, Ill take any challenger, i cant be stopped like arthur with excalibur, and fake thugs dont need hugs cause they get shot down by my verbal slugs, I get you so funky
    people will say your a hiphop junkie but dont deny it, you feel the beat and the heat that im spitting, and when im rhyming im like the stars always shining
    Crowd: *claps thanks people thanks
    Ascencio: that was great! did you write that?
    DH: nope freestyled it
    Ascencio: amazing
    BigMan: thats this kid right here!
    DH: i know haah thanks seeya i guess tomorrow?
    Ascencio: yes tomorrow
    *group of guys walks over to DH as Ms ascencio leaves*
    Guy one: who wuz dat man? nice booty!
    DH: haah yeah your right but she was a record exec bruh i got a deal!
    guy two: now you know sondra is gonna trip right?
    DH: yeah but its not like she gon want ME bruh she gone want the MONEY
    Ascencio: *gets in car and gets on phone* seems like a nice kid frank
    Frank: cool hey did you know mr DH is featured in the source in the unsigned hype section? says homeboi is a battle rapping champ. won at fight klub five times
    Ascencio: hmm fight klub?
    Frank: battle club for rappers who want to get big names in the underground
    Ascencio: oxymoron
    Frank: funny but kid does got some skill
    Ascencio: yeah and hes not like some of the bull out there today. said he respects anybody who shows him respect
    Frank: also said in the article he wants a big fridge if he gets a deal
    Ascencio: o god odd kid. well see ya tomorrow frank
    Frank: seeya
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    what a story this was nice
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    aint over yet though, got plans for DH, BIG PLANS