Black Poetry : The hood learns as I write chapter stay on good terms


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May 11, 2006
The hood learns as I write chapters stay on good terms
with tight rappers, put the beast on restriction he burns
when reading this piece of fiction, this is not a trivial lie
need a biblical reply it’s critical to try for the truth and supply
the frequent public with a decent subject the truth is a butterfly
right now at a blistery dance to explore and adore the mystery
of romance have to look into the history of France a twisty spree
of words one French kiss can drench a brisk set of lips and set free
Sexual emotions in potions of love, sex is the main attraction
Need a plain action keep my game in factions this dame is satisfaction
With a sweet taste her unique lace can be pulled down give fractions
Of my sweet love as a complete thug, “so look shorty I’m greeting
With wines afterward a meeting of minds in the bedroom heating
Our emotions we grow clever as our juices flow together repeating
All the kisses we make tall wishes while bedsprings twitches and squeak
Itches to eat your love I’m a unique thug ready to bust stitches in sheets
We can drink champaign and think campaign you can politic while I lick
Your juicy coo-chee and get the lips loosely for other stuff you my chick”
“Rhyme wait you want divine cake don’t like blind fakes they cum quick
With some dumb sick rap, see me flirting lace wanna take me to a certain
Place or abstract room so you can attack my perfumed body by inserting
Kisses in my mouth, you thirst for my pies plus want first prize in bed
While my thighs spread recognize my red lips so many lies in my head
Ask me how’s it going and wind somehow blowing the hairs around
My thing wanna go down town and bring your ding-gu-ling and hound
And sniff my swift perfume and boom just cum all over the place right?”


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