Chief Elder Osiris : The Holy Grail And The Divine Grail

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    The Holy Grail And The Divine Grail

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So much has been said about the Holy Grail, a concept to hide the Divine Truth about the Divine Mother, the Black Divine Being representing to be the Grail, the Feminine Gender, the more powerful force among the Beings in the world, be they Divine or Human, the latter being under submission to the former, she being the Holy Grail, Goddess of the Anthropomorphous anatomical Biological beings of the Universe and in the Worlds of which she live.

    The Holy Grail endowed with her Divinity must be mindful of her responsibility, to not come to be of the world, in which she live her life, she is the bearer the deliverer of life, she has been given the power among the duality of the Beings, with a Holy Design.

    She, the goddes the Holy Grail, you being the Body Life with a Mental ability to remain Divine, by the Spirit that is expressed and displayed through the action of the Mind of the Beings that are brought forth by the action of the Divine grail, not the Holy Grail, the Divine Grail, it being the Essence of all that Is and Is To Be, coming forth is the Holy Grail , she being Divinely connected to the Divine Grail, The Divine Essence of All There Is, that constitute the Physical Universe.

    The Divine Goddess, the Holy Grail of Life, she coexist with Holy Scepter, the Masculine Gender with the Staff that spit the Fire of Life, when in the position of Oneness with the Holy Grail, she being the powerful Goddess of the Anthropomorphous World, The World the Holy Grail is equipped to guide.

    The Feminine Gender is the Holy Grail of which Religion came and cloaked her in secrecy, even away from the Holy Grail Herself, as The Human Being Religion came with a doctrine that elevated Man over Woman.

    The Human Being reduced them both to be no more than fallible Beings, giving Man power over the Woman, claiming the serpent to be more with powerful guile, while his opposite being the verification of the Holy Grail, The Goddess being stung by the Guile of her opposite, as she now submit to that which once Divinely acknowledged her.

    The Holy Grail, the conceiver, bearer and producer of Divine Beings, they being with the qualification to create a Divine Life for Self, but all is to take place through the freedom of Will and Choice, one being weaker over the other in a Human Being setting of the anthropomorphous Beings.

    The Divine Being, coming forth by the action of the Divine Grail, the Divine Essence, it being the Representation of Infinity to all things, That Is, and Is Not Yet To Be, The Divine Grail, Having No Beginning And No Ending To Its Action Of Bringing Forth And Taking Away, Causing Life To Be And Causing Life To Go, And Not Be, Yet Is Always In A State Of Eternal Infinite Existence presence, because life is motion and motion is the Divine Essence of all things moving and there is nothing that stand still...

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    The Divine Grail, Is That God you know not anything Divinely Truthful about, It is in possession of both, the Gate of Heaven and the serpent ( Staff) of Life, one open while the other enter and from such a Energetic union, engaging the Quantum Wanta of all of its parts, there come from such a Divine Union, in action, the explosion , the chaos, from such force, out from such Divine a Divine Union, come the physical Universe and from such, there come an order of anatomical biological life, appearing as if to verify the power of Oneness that come from such a Divine Union.

    Those elements, discharging, exploding, producing, the wonder that come from such a Divine union , from the internal union of the Divine Grail, from which the Holy Grail and her Holy Serpent ( goddess and god ) become the attribute of the Divine Grail, It being the Divine Essence intrinsic within the Infinite Grail Motion, Carnately instilled within that Divine Infinite Darkness, Unlimited with all of its power, generated by the Divine Grail, the Divine Essence Of All Things Physical And Nonphysical.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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