Brother AACOOLDRE : The Hidden Black Popes

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    Roman Catholic Church Hid Black Popes?

    The Pope is the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church and from his seat of authority in the Vatican Palace built high atop the ruins of Mithra temple in Rome, Italy, the power of the Pope extends to all aspects of church affairs around the world.

    The Catholic Church is proud to state that unlike other positions of authority and leadership, the office of the Pope has continued unbroken since Black Saint Peter, venerated as the first Pope. Peter was a composite figure of Rocky in the bible known as Simon Peter or Simon of Cyrene, Simon of Gioras who was brought by Roman General Titus to Rome to be castrated and crucified upside down. Before Peter is killed Titus forced him to ordain Titus cousin Clemens. Now it is commonly accepted that the Catholic Church from then on after Peter/Simon only elected white males to the Papacy. However, according to JA Rogers and other historians the Catholic have had three Black African popes: St Victor I (189-199CE), Melchiades (311-312CE) and St Gelasius 1 (492CE)

    How does the Catholic Church square the conflicting facts? They were one of the first religious denominations to recommend and sanction black enslavement, contending that Blacks were inferior human beings. Yet, they had already elevated blacks to the “infallibility” of pope hood (poppycock), and the high calling of Sainthood. [Same strategies of Jim Crow, peonage stop/frisk Neighborhood watchmen/Slave patrols of elevated blacks as individuals for benefits but demonized the whole for sanctions]. Was it because racism against blacks did not begin until the 15th century? No, Prophet Muhammad who died in 7century AD made a last sermon appeal for white Arabs to stop mistreating their raisin head slaves. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Perhaps with these reasons in mind Pope John in 1992 apologized to the black race for the Catholics activities in the international slave trade. But hey to be fair I’m not looking for an apology but a percentage from the tithes of the Catholic coffers, Some of the oil revenue from the Arabs, I want some skiekels from the Jews and some action or a cut from Wall street and from the Mother country in Africa share some of that Gold and diamonds you allow the China to extract wholesale.

    Where there be another time the Catholic Church elect some more Black Popes. Maybe so in the near future.