Brother AACOOLDRE : The Hidden ancestors of Mankind & The Gospels

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    By Andre Austin
    The ancestry of the Gospels and the Ancestor of Mankind is kept a secret from those 0-18 years of age from the public schools. Because of religious fanaticism our young minds are void of having a perspective on history and science. A perspective is having knowledge of alternative views and having the capacity to make your own mind. However, massive brainwashing is done for the first 18 years to guarantee when that period of time ends no mountain of evidence will shake the 18 years of propaganda programing away.
    Law cases have stated that Religion can be taught in educational setting when its in conjunction with history. These legal cases were decided long before Joe Atwill proposed in his book (And Movie),Caesar’s Messiah, the thesis that Christianity is anti-history, non-religious and in part a parody of Titus military campaign in Israel between 66-73AD. Those events are recorded in War of the Jews by Josephus which is in part the real ancestor of the Gospels. The law works both ways: If its acceptable to relate spirituality with history, then its okay to expose it like a whistle blower when its DNA sequence is dependent on other historical events proving it was literary satire the opposite of history.
    When a public school science teacher can’t teach that all life on earth is related to each other do we really have a separation of church & State? Yes but is one-way road. For example: the state can’t go to Sunday school and teach evolution. Now get on the other road in a public school and the teacher is afraid to drive down the evolutionary science road. We are going the way of the Arabs who were supreme in math and science until they embrace the ridiculous notion that math was of the devil. And if Christianity was strictly a business they could be labeled Racketeering using extortion, bribery, blackmail to prevent alternative views on their history and ancestry.
    In conclusion, many of the religious fanatics go unchallenged to the history. For example; many of the misguided zealots believe that humans lived 500-969 years of age. These poor pupils of the bible history don’t understand Jewish Typology. Many of the bible characters birth and death durations are based off of ancient Egyptian duration of Dynasties. For example: Methuselah living 969 years is based off of the Memphite kingdom lasting for the same period of time. This information is in Gary Greenberg’s book: The Bible myth: The African origins of the Jewish Peoples.
    We need to start exchanging religious ideology instead of Character assassination darts at each other and let history fall in its right time and place. Christianity shouldn’t have to rely on its survival by brainwashing and suppression of alternative views. Lets get together and be friends and not be upset about who your daddy is!