Brother AACOOLDRE : The Herod's were Arabs

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    By Andre Austin

    I present a competitive plausibility that the Herod’s were Arabs. And that it was them in collaboration in a conspiracy with the Romans that killed John the Baptist, Jesus and his brother James “The Just”.

    Herod’s father was Antipater who was the governor of Indumea (Edom).. Edom is in the Jordanian (Mark 3:8) nation where it has been occupied by Arabs before and during the time principle time of the above victims of murder. In The Antiquities of the Jews (ANT)Flavius Josephus reports:

    A. They made a league of friendship with the Arabs (ANT 14 chapter 1.3).

    B. Herod had put abuses upon people like a “wild beast” (ANT 17 chapter 11.2).

    C. The Hyksos, then known as Shepherds were thought to have been related to the Jews and Arabs see Flavius Josephus in book 1 of Against Apion 14:82. The Hyksos were followers of Set and its emblem/symbol was the Donkey. The role of Set had to be divided into two separate genesis characters, Ishmael and Esau…Esau came out Red and the Egyptian identified Set as a red-haired beast, which was associated with a Donkey” (The Bible Myth by Gary Greenberg p.221-222). Esau moved to the east side of Jordan becoming ancestor of the Edomites.

    D. Jesus refers to the Herod’s as evil foxes too (Luke 13:31).

    This “Wild-Beast” theme runs parallel with a prophecy in Genesis 16:11-12 that the descendants of the Arabs through Ishmael would be violent as “Wild-***”. The Herod’s may have come from the tribe of Shasu in Seir (Edom/Genesis 36:8) they were called “Wanderers” and “Plunders” and were Shepherds with their cattle traveling with them on seasonable pattern to gain access to waters taking on the name “Shasu of the inverted water” (Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient times By Donald B. Redford p.271-274. Interesting the Letter of Jude refers to them as followers of Balaam’s error unreasonable animals (Donkeys), Shepherds who only feed themselves being, clouds without rain, and “Wandering stars” (Jude 1:8-13). I thought Jude was talking about another bloody red man Belial from the tribe of the Benjamites (2 Sam 16:7-8). Paul was a relative of Herod (Roman 16:11). And he claimed he came from the Tribe of Benjamin whose emblem/symbol was the Wolf. He was being called a Wolf in Sheep clothing that he reversed in Acts 20:30. I will follow Gary Greenberg study that their a split between Ishmael/Esau and this might explain why we can various interpretations in the letter of Jude because of the collaboration of Paul & the Herod’s that ended in the death of Jesus and James “The Just”.

    The Herod’s had many Harems and they brought in Jewish girls in order to produce a hybrid to get legitimacy to the throne/kingship over Israel with Rome pulling the strings for the puppet regime.

    Notes: For more information on the three ring circus of Paul, the Herod’s and Romans killing James the brother of Jesus see Robert Eisenman James the Brother of Jesus Volume 1.