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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Why to know about the " Heart, " a word we use so often and never stop to understand what we are saying about it, as we contribute so much to it, without knowledge of it, and yet to it, is what has been termed to be a separate biological entity of the body function, claiming it to be essential to our Life ?

    Well, as the saying suggest to us, and yet we have yet to comply, which is, to know Thyself, and by not knowing the Self of Your Being, such self ignorance will prompt you to be ready to settle for anything that is told to you about the one entity you should be the master of Knowledge of, which is the Self of You, and without such Divine Knowledge in your possession of Thought, then you will find yourselves to be the Mental property of somebody other than your selves, and to be in such a mental Stupor, will cause you to be in the now condition of the Black World, and that World has became a People that do not know the Divine True Nature of a Term given by the Human Being and to be classified as the " HEART " within your Being, so because of the lack of such Self Knowledge , Black People are prone to believe everything the People in Power on this Planet tell us to believe, without question.

    The Greatest Evil To Self, Is Not To Know Thyself !!!!

    So much in our Daily Life Performance, we describe ourselves most intimate moments, by using the term " Heart, " as if the Body consist of more than One Body Part, referred to as the Heart Organ, that Musicle that keep the Life of the Body Flowing throughout your body, which is its main purpose for being an intimate part of the Body Economy of Life.

    Exclude the Heart Organ in describing a member of the Cause of the Body Function, and you have no other heart in Action in relationship to the Body Function, without that Heart Organ, the Life of the Body cease to Function, even though the Heart is at the Juxtaposition to the Brain, The Heart not being of no Life value without the Brain, but the Brain can only Function by receiving signals that the Heart is active, be it a Natural or an artificial Heart, relative to the Body Function Lively, Biologically.

    Now, What is that Heart we use so immensively and often, in order to describe our state of Sense of being, is it a Organic Substance that is different from the Organic Principle of the body Biological Economy ?

    What do we mean when we express sentiments with the Phrase, I Love You With All My Heart So Deeply, Tell Me beloved, Which Heart are you referring to, most certainly not the Organic Heart of the Body Physical Ingredients, eliminate that Heart as being the Heart you are indicating, so where is that Loving Heart Located in the Action Motion of your Body Life expression ?

    I am bringing this to your attention to show Black Folks how Vulnarable we have become, as we operate under somebody else Mind, other than our own, and the sad part about it is that we have become so comfortable in the present Mental Stupor we now function in.

    So there is no need to wonder why it is that Afrika is in the control of the Oppressors of Black People and that Black so call Afrikans are under the control of those same Lying and Deceiving people, and the Result from the Present Black So Call Afrikan Mental Position we now occupy, do you desire to look at the result that come from the Black so call Afrikans mental Malfunction, then I urge you to go and Run, Run, Run As Fast as You Can Black Wombgender And Staffgender, you Made to become a Human Being and Fetch your Mirror and behold the Dying Black So call Afr4ikan Nation, you parading around pretending that you are so intellectual well versed in the Rudiments of your Black Life.

    Yet in the Life of the Wretched Black so call Afrikan, you who now after being told by your Enemy, that you must Go Blind and Not See Things as they Really are and to Love your Enemy with All of Your Heart, Which Heart ? certainly not the Body Heart.

    Beloved, That which we refer to as the Heart is no more than a Phase of the Mind, that which you refer to as the Heart of Sensual Feelings of Love, is no more than an actual expression of your Mind in relationship to that which you are Looking at, and developing Thoughts about, because you SEE !, ( Mind Required ) the so call Heart you have been conditioned to term your Sense of Feeling as being, is based upon what your Thoughts Convey in the Spirit of your Attitudinal Behavioral Expression, which is no more than a Sense Mind interaction, which you have been conditioned to expessively identify as being the Love of your Heart, when in Divine Reality and / or physical vain Reality, it is the Mind Thoughts that is governing that Mental Process.

    Thus, The Heart is no more than an exoteric Demonstration of expression, govern by the Mind interaction with your Sense of Want / Need, to be Demonstratively Expressed Spiritually, be it a Profane Spiritual or Divine Spiritual expression, all such action is being generated by the Mind, because all form of our Body expression does in fact past through the Mental Processes of your Mind Thought process.

    The Divinity ( Moral ) Of this Missive Is, When You do not Think About All That confront your Life, You Make Yourselves To Become a Candidate to be told Any Thing that is Without Divine Merit, Such a Mental Melt down is what has Afrika in its present condition and the so call Black Afrikan today, in our mental condition, the result from such absent of Self Knowledge, is what you are looking at yo be of the present Spirit of a once Divine Black Being, we now have been made to function as a Human Being, we are always leading our Lives with irrational Emotion, making decisions about Everything we involve our Life With today, including Barack Obama, whom we Love with all of our " Heart " whom we know only what white folks have told us about him, yet I desire to See him become President for all of you Afrikans living in the Profane bubble of Wishful belief , Hope with vain Faith, waiting on the Obama Change to be merciful to your Black Lives.

    So you Choose after five Hundred Years, To hang Around In America, Literally so, I Mean, as we are receiving only America Type Justice, for Your so Call Black Afrikan Life, Loving America With All Of your " Heart " ( Mind ) which is why you can not bring yourselves to confront America for The Reparation America Owe Our Enslaved Ancestors, only a Human Being Mind can rest easy at night as the Human Being Afrikan, show nothing but disrespect and neglect toward our Enslaved Ancestors, deserving of their Reparation, but has only the Transformed Afrikans to represent Them in this Cause for Reparation, Repatriation, Statehood Back In Afrika, for The Children of The Middle Passage, A Divine Right That Is Without Compromise and I Mean That with All Of my Divine Mind, and Not with Some Phantom Heart.

    Divine Time will play out and be the final judge of all of our lives, taking no profane excuse for the out come of a Human Being spirit, which we have chose to lead us Black so call Afrikans today.

    You May Take It Or Leave It Alone, The Divine Truth Is Independent In All Of Its Action, With Divine Reality.

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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    Peace and Blessings1

    I enjoyed reading, had to wait until my mind was clear.