Black People : The Haunted House

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
The Empty House

you study intently
before opening her gently
doors softly creaking
as you slowly enter
dark every where
ignoring your fear
going further
deeper in the house
carefully easing
slowly through
feeling her walls
surrounding you
don't be scared
she's glad you're here
embracing you tightly
as you gasp for air
determined to get
to the room in the house
that is so full of light
where you'll breathe
and breathe hard
if what they say is right
so you gently press
feeling your way
till you're there
yes that spot
the room at the top
you hear her moan
you've reached that zone
and before too long ...

you're back on the lawn
all energy gone


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