Black People : The Hatred in the Heart of White America

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    Since this is actually a news article, I have something to say regarding it before you even read it. Furthermore, I'm only going to post the end of it here because it fits with what I have to say and ask. Someone once asked me what was the number one cause of death in the world? They then asked me what was the number one cause of wars? They then asked me what was the greatest dividing factor among Black people? They then asked me what was the greatest weapon of oppressors and free thought? My answer to all those questions was the same....MAN MADE RELIGION!!!!

    Beinert and other liberals imagine that the U.S. is a cauldron of teeming racism with the lid barely kept down. At the first acknowledgment that Islamists (some, but by no means, all of whom are dark skinned) present a continuing threat, the lid will fly off and white American vigilantes, given permission, will start shooting black and brown people on the streets, burning their shops, and bombing mosques.
    The hatred that Islamism preaches, lauds and inspires is a nuisance, liberals may concede. But the hatred in the heart of "white America" is the greater danger.
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    IMHO, it is man, not religion that is the source of all the ills of the world. To decry religion in this context is like decrying housing discrimination, or job discrimination. Sorry, but I never met a house that said I couldn't live in it.

    I never met a job that said I couldn't do it.

    I have met people, or as you put it "men" who said I couldn't live in a certain house or perform a certain job.

    It is not religion that is the "source" of your litany of the world's evils - it's "man."

    But I am intrigued: why do you say religion is the #1 cause of death - presumably, any and all deaths - in the world?