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    Is to make myself the best human being I can in th
    The Spirit of Ma'at ? August 2007 ? A Message From the Hathors Through Tom Kenyon

    Because time does not exist outside the worlds of duality, it is unclear whether the polar shift will happen December 21, 2012. But that a shift will happen is a definite.

    Fluxating waves of energy are already accelerating and causing time lines to converge and things to speed up. The sun is being affected and if some have been observing have moved off its natural course by degrees. No one can deny that one of the symptoms of what lies ahead is the changing weather patterns. Not only via the odd seasons but via more intense storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, et al.

    Ignorance is no longer an option. There are enough folks waking up and information being channeled now that there is little excuse for not educating yourself as to who you are in terms of being human and why you are here at this time in space within the time continuum.

    Those in control seek to keep the mass consciousness in fear and violence. Please understand as these shifts of energy pass over, whatever is on the collective mind is what will become reality. Those in control know this. There must be a shift in thinking. It’s imperative. The shift must be toward positive thoughts, appreciation, love, greater loving service, creativity - all that is positive.

    Check out the message from the Hathors via the link above.

    Also, check out the Ra Materials. Also, Golden Light
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    Thank you for this positive message.

    Aleister Crowley, an influential occultist of the twentieth century, described this period as the dawn of the “New Aeon.” Popular culture calls it the "Age of Aquarius". It's said that there's a great increase in vibratory rates. So, I guess its ultimately a question of how much are we aligning and attuning ourselves with that One Divine Consciousness? Which energy bands are we traveling along?

    As I had written some time back, we have the power to initiate significant shifts in global higher consciousness where our positive thoughts and actions can fertilise this Earth to reach a critical mass of enlightenment.

    All that we are is the result of what we thought (Buddha)
    Think Love - Be Love.

    Love, Peace!
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    Well, galactic alignment is due to occur on 12/21/2012, and I think that the weather will remain different for awhile. Winters are getting warmer and summers are getting cooler. It feels nice. But Arctic ice is melting too, which may result in a lot of earthly flooding.

    But one thing is for sure. The Piscean age is just about gone, and Aquarius is just about here. It's time now for the freedom we fought for in Pisces to be taken to the next level. It's miller time, because we are now going to rebel against all of the social conditioning that kept people in suffering in the Pisces age. Aquarius is the rebel.

    Some really scary things are gonna happen in Aquarius concerning natural phenomenon and especially people's behavior. Aquarius is a loony program and people will surely be thinking and acting crazier than ever before. But Aquarius is also a divine program of energy and opportunity for advancement, so people who are not scared out of their wits of change will prosper in Aquarius. Many people who've been obese all of their lives are gonna pop up slender because they're gonna draw such energy and will power from Aquarius that they will become exercise gurus and control their eating habits.

    Everything that we never dreamed possible is gonna happen in Aquarius such as blacks regaining control of the earth, and becoming billionaires in abundant numbers, just to name a few of the unimaginable things that's to come.

    But the challenge of Aquarius will be to hold on to the values we gained and the lessons we learned in Pisces. Never forget that each day we live is a new learning experience, so people who are not prepared for Aquarius will give into their urges to screw up and sit around conversing over empty rhetoric. They won't prosper, because in Aquarius there will be no sympathy for people who jive and want to get nothing constructive done. Aquarius simply can't stand people who whine. They will be forgotten until they make up in their mind to catch up with the others. But when they do make an effort to get their act together, others will reach in and lend them a hand. Aquarius is also a humanitarian program, so those who are helping themselves, will be helped.

    I urge everyone not to be afraid for there is nothing to fear. The thought of nothing ever changing is far more scarier than change. So let go of your mental baggage, think freely, and don't burn any bridges because you will need to make alliances in Aquarius, not enemies. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. This important.

    We must be ready for our man because he's here. There's no turning back. Ever.