Black Poetry : ""The HAT ""........( tribute to one of my musical insparations,Michael jackson)

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    We all fell in love with ya...

    young sensative eyes that achieved from under the Pink "hat""

    vigorously the world with and agued JAm that anything can happen...


    you shed the Light on dance movements
    that made us extend our furniture in the Livingroom..
    You remind me off better youth days way of escape...

    Bone-joints like a 2 collorfull rainbows with golden sinews..
    that gave the Dancefloor a ressurection...and took us to..

    ........."the moon":toast:

    You gave respond to the different dimentions in music...
    and one of them is "'realness" ..
    a human with a gift..
    and you Took it chivalry inspide of the sharp knifs..

    Manny i know have the call to shine bright..
    a few take it......

    afraid .... for the Price....

    I often Hoped you would searched for more "strenght" and proclaim KIng Jezus..
    but hey the story is not finished...:flamet:
    we probebly see you back ,when He that Sits on the throne comes back..
    to fight ''the Armagedon "'

    The wel deserved tilel ""king of Pop"" made you maybe wear th weight..of the world youre shoulders ...."alone"' while this was already done....
    Its a lesson for other artist..
    that have to continue Gods Work,,

    I remembered wednesday night the night before you died...
    i was repairing a clothpiece ...
    i was listening to the radio and i heard you sang "'one day in youre life..."
    it touched me deep and ....yes i cried ..
    i did not know why...
    but for real..
    you sounded far and as if you would say Goodbye..

    to us..

    youre presance was a conguest a Giant..
    looking from under youre "" hat"

    the " hat "" that moved...

    hat up...
    hat down...
    hat spin...

    hat dropped..

    hat fly..

    hat hide..
    hat tucked..
    hat vivid...
    hat deprived..
    hat woefull...
    hat summnarizes..
    hat vowels..
    hat fashion..
    hat improved..

    hat moves..
    hat moves ....
    hat smooooooooooves smooth...

    hat reflects ..
    hat fit.
    hat hit

    hat submit..
    hat L,allegro musicnotes..
    hat calles fort unit..
    hat crafts,man..

    hat sought relief..

    the system now Grieves...

    the young boy with the hat..

    He sang, He danced,

    there is an empty stage..

    God takes of the Hat...
    and lays it down there...

    the Show is closed ...
    the music legacy will live on...

    Come my child ...
    you did youre best...
    come ....

    its ..


    to ..

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    whoa Liberty Lady...
    what a awesomely warm piece, you took that hat, brom the beginning of the show, all the way to the END of the show.
    I felt this entire write, it was sad and beautiful,
    Thank you for sharing this piece with family sis.
    Much luv to you :toast:
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    touching feelings abound me this was lovely sis