Black Spirituality Religion : The happiness and misery in this world are based on the bonds you have with the items

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    The happiness and misery in this world are based on the bonds you have with the items present in the world

    The happiness and misery in this world are based on the bonds you have with the items present in the world. Real matter and real energy constitute the forms. The forms are only unreal designs of matter and energy. In a cinema all the items are the unreal designs of the real energy only. In a drama all the items are the unreal designs of the real matter only and slight energy also exists in drama as the light focused on the stage. For God, this entire world is a cinema which is just imagination of the awareness or nervous energy. Therefore, there is no difference between a cinema and imaginary world except that the cinema is made of visible light energy and the imaginary world is made of invisible nervous energy or mind.

    For individual souls, this world is a drama consisting of real materials and real human beings having equal status with the observers (individual souls existing in human bodies called as human beings). Hence, the world is equally real with the observing individual soul. But in the case of cinema, the observer is real matter, whereas the cinema is real energy, which is weaker than matter in expression. Hence, the observer is in higher status in view of strength of expression. If you take the imaginary world, which is made of the weakest real energy or mind, the observer is in far higher status.

    In the case of God observing this world, God is in the highest status as the ultimate absolute reality whereas the world is in totally relative reality. However, from the view of God or the individual soul, the bonds in the world are totally unreal and illusory only, since the bonds are related to the totally unreal designs of energy and matter only. One bond is full of love on a particular design and another bond is full of anger on another particular design. Since the design is unreal, the related bonds must be unreal. The design does not exist before its production and after its destruction. That which did not exist in the past and will not exist in future must not exist in the present also. Therefore, its existence in the present is only illusory.

    The love and anger in those bonds are foolish and if you analyze, even the love and anger are unreal because they are qualities. A quality is also unreal design of the mental energy. Hence, the love from somebody and the anger from else one are also unreal and your love and anger based on such qualities are also unreal. Therefore, your bond based on the unreal design which defines the individuality of a human being like wife, son, father, mother etc., must be also unreal. Your bond based on the personality of unreal qualities must be also unreal. Therefore, when Shankara said that the world is unreal (relatively real), it means that the world made of these unreal bonds only is unreal for the individual souls.

    The matter, energy and awareness (a form of energy only) are real for the individual souls and hence the world made of these three items is not unreal. But, for God, the total world is unreal. However, for both God and individual soul, the common world consisting of these unreal bonds is unreal, which is the basis of the entertainment. You can entertain with unreal items only. The entertainment is not at all based on matter, energy and awareness, which are the three uniform phases without any difference. The difference only causes the design and brings the limits causing the individuality. The homogeneous single phase of cosmos (since matter, energy and awareness are inter convertible resulting in the final single phase of cosmic energy) is called as Brahman, in the form of creation (Karya Brahman) and this cannot give any entertainment.

    If you try to analyze God (Karana Brahman), it is also homogeneous phase of unimaginable entity. Shankara represented God by this single phased cosmic energy in the form of awareness (awareness is a special work form of energy) or Karya Brahman. This clearly means that neither Karya Brahman is God nor God charges Karya Brahman homogeneously. If such charging takes place, there is no difference between seer and seen. Such charging takes place in the case of human incarnation because if an individual soul is charged by God, such human incarnation can be the seer of the rest uncharged world (cosmic energy).
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    Our happiness and misery is based on what the Father will have for us all. We all must live according to His will and choosing, and not one can change that. However, we can choose to be even happier when we choose to have faith in our Savior, the King, His Son for His sacrifice and passion for our salvation. It is through this we see the true joys of worshiping the Father and praising His Holy Name.

    And we can choose to undergo a certain misery, only counted to those deemed worthy by the Son when we choose to believe in His resurrection from the dead on the 3rd day. It is by our faith and belief, we suffer greatly, and w should rejoice at this for it is for the Son's namesake, and for all He has granted us in love.