Black People : THE GREATEST MYSTERY NEVER TOLD. Where did the Society of the Horns originate from?

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    THE GREATEST MYSTERY NEVER TOLD. Where did the Society of the Horns originate from?

    Pictures in below link

    Part 1 of 3
    Authored by
    Amun'huwubu P'tahreiah, Student of Ghazzu Al-Bakir

    What is the original Fraternal Orders?

    The oldest of all "Fraternal" societies is the order of the Society Of the Horns who taught of a sacred science and philosophy simply called "N'Huwubu". This brotherhood existed about 900 years before the rise of the Sumerian empires. The Society Of the Horns were the "Grand Architects of All Fraternal Orders". They were the ones who planed and designed the structure of what a fraternal order or Brotherhood should be. They were the "spark" that ignited the fires known as Science and Art. The Sumerians and eventually the Egyptians were nothing more then "masons", the ones who built from the architects (Society Of the Horns) blue print. Everything in its purest form was from the Society Of the Horns. I, Amun'huwubu P'tahreiah (AMUN-HOO-WOO-BOO-P'TAH-RE-IAH) The Re-Informer of this day and time was given this information from The Green One to teach the new beings of this Solar Cycle the true origins of their spiritual science.

    Where did the Society of the Horns originate from?

    They came from what today is known as North East Africa within the vicinity of the Nile River and the Horn of Africa but the Society Of the Horns did not consider having a location of origin because there was no such thing as boarders and countries at that time. Everything was "Earth" or "TAH'QI" as they called it. It is believed that they originated from what today is known as Asia Minor but there are signs that show that they are from what today is known as the North East Africa. The misconception of them originating in Asia Minor may be due to the fact that they were nomads who traveled. The Society Of the Horns were the original teachers of the world, This is the reason why you have the similar sacred information in ancient societies in Africa, Asia, and North America.

    Black Water Buffalo of North America

    Were they known for any garb?

    They were known for their elaborate headdress called the "SH-KU". It was similar to what is known as a "Tarboosh" or a "Fez" that you see people wear in Morocco. It did not come from the ancient Egyptian crown. The "Tarboosh" origins is older then ancient Egypt and originate with the Society Of the Horns. The "SH-KU" was made with the Skin and Horns from various Animals of what ever region they dwelled in. Thus, one of the reasons for the name of their society. The Skin was symbolic of physical knowledge and the Horns were symbolic of ethereal knowledge. In the middle of the "SH-KU" was the ancient symbol of a "crescent" which some misinterpret as the moon and "dot" which some misinterpret as the sun. The symbol is very Similar to what the Nuwaubians of this day and time wear on their "Tarboosh". The Nuwaubians teach that the Crescent in their symbol represents the "Two Horns" which give off the "appearance of the crescent moon" (Please refer to : Shaikh Daoud vs W.D. Fard by Dr Malachi Z York, Pages 90-93)

    Nuwaubian Symbol
    Sumerian Crescent and Sun which they got from the Society Of the Horns. Notice their versions of the "SH-KU" on their heads?

    Did the Society Of the Horns have any oaths of Secrecy?

    For themselves, no they did not. It was not necessary. The information originated with them. It was once they started teaching others such, that oaths came into play. Foreigners take oaths. They did take a Pledges to Help their fellow man. They understood what it meant to be part of the human family.

    Did the Society Of the Horns have any Gods or Spirits?

    They had a creator spirit called HU. After HU were many spirit guides which people today call angels. Their personal spiritual guide was known as Ghaz-Hu, the spirit of the crossroads. Ghaz-Hu is said to be able to travel from the ethereal realm to the physical realm to give support, inspiration and guidance to the Children of Hu. Ghaz-Hu is personified as a Green Human Being because he represents Life. Green is the color of balance in the color spectrum as well..

    Why did they Name themselves the Society Of the Horns?

    Just like the Native Americans, the Horned Animals were essential to their survival. They would use the skin for ,shoes, robes shirts, belts, pouches. The hair would be used as pillows ropes ornaments. The tail as whips ropes or belt. The horns were used as cups, fire carriers, spoons, signals. And most important, the meat was used as food. They understood how important these animals were to man. thus, they in return "being a Horned Animal" made them "Helpers" or "Aiders" of their fellow man. After traveling around the world, The Society Of the Horns eventually settled in North America with the Native Americans. This is why the Buffalo was so sacred to the Native Americans. Also it should be known that most Native Americans of today are biological decedents of the original members of the Society Of the Horns because the Society of the Horns last stop was "Murukka" or what today is known as the Americas.

    Is the Native Americans information in essences is older then the Sumerians?

    Yes! The Ancient Sumerians were just students of the Society of the Horns but the original Native Americans actually offered their daughters as a symbol of gratitude for the Illuminated Information. The Society of Horns settled down and had children with the Iroquois Native Americans. Their children branched off with other tribes creating new tribes. Later on, Asians and Moors came to North America before the Europeans and the mixing continued. This is why you have so many similar yet different Native American Tribes. (Please refer to They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima)

    There isnt a place on this planet that we call Earth today that the Society of the Horns did not visit, teach and infuence. This is a Fact!

    The aurochs (Bos primigenius) is a very large, extinct type of cattle, originally prevalent in Europe. The word aurochs is both singular and plural; alternative plural forms are aurochsen or urus. The animal's original scientific name, Bos primigenius, translated the German term Auerochse or Urochs, literally "primeval ox", or "proto-ox".

    Did the Ancient Sumerians continue teaching the Information given to them by the Society Of the Horns after the Society left?

    Yes they did. They called the information that they gave them "N'He'Boo" which the Akkadians transliterated as "Nebo". As the years went on, they taught the Egyptians who called it "Hebo" and then the Ancient Egyptians eventually taught the Greeks. The Greeks who lived in Egypt then put their own twist on this sacred inforamtion. This era in Ancient Egypt was known as the "Hellenistic" era. This was the last era before the Coptic Christian took power and vowed to destroy all the so-called "Pagan" lessons that the Ancient Egyptians protected and were teaching on behalf of the Society of the Horns. This was the decline of the Ancient Egypt Mystery schools. (Please refer to Stolen Legacy by George GM James) It should also be noted that the Ancient Egyptian City of "Ghzeh" or "Giza" means Boarder. That boarder represents the Center who in return represents Ghaz-Hu

    Didn't the Ancient Egyptians have a Deity associated with horns and the color green?
    Yes! The Ancient Egyptian Deity, known as Tehuti or Thoth is at times depicted with the crescent moon (Horns) atop his head. He is also known for being the author of the Emerald Tablets which is something I will explain further down the line.

    ( Please refer to : Shaikh Daoud vs W.D. Fard by Dr Malachi Z York, Pages 90-93)

    What other ancient evidence do we have for the Society of Horns

    The letter Alif in the Arabic Language is usually associated with Allah and Adam. In the Hebrew Language, the Letter Aleph is also associated for Eloheem and Adam. It just so happens that these 2 Semitic dialects and scripts both got their Alphabet from the Phoenician Alphabet who in return got their Alphabet from ancient Canaanite Scripts. If you do your research, you will find that the Ancient form of the letter Aleph/Alif ( a letter used to associated Allah, Eloheem and Adam ) was an ancient Pictogram of a Horned Animal. The reason why the "ALP" or OX was chosen is because that Animal offered the most back to the people of that region. So when the Society of the Horns visited the Ancient Canaanites, they took the OX and turned it into a Symbol of Initiation and when the Canaanites created their Script, they made their first letter "ALP", the symbol of an OX, most due to the respect they had for the Society of The Horns.

    Is There any Evidence of The Society of the Horns In the Bible?

    Yes. In Exodus 34:29, it speaks of Moses coming down from Mount Sinai after receiving the second set of tablets known as the 10 Commandments. In the Bible, it says that Moses did not know that his face was "qaran". That word "qaran" should rightly be translated as "grew horns". While Early translations of the Bible say "grew horns", it was eventually changed to "Radiant" because the Roman Emperor Justinian wanted to hide the truth. The Truth being that the Biblical Moses did not really exist but rather it was A'ferti Tut-Iah'Mo-Se or Pharaoh Ahmoses of Ancient Egypt that was actually initiated into the Sacred Society of The Horns.

    Mistranslation found in the King James Bible

    Exodus 34:29 "And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses' hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him."

    Right Translation by Amun'Huwubu P'tahreiah

    Shemot (Exodus) 34:29


    Transliteration (Hebrew Pronunciation)

    Wayehy beredet Moshe mehar Sinay ushney luchut ha'odut beyad-Moshe beridetu min-hahar uMoshe la-yada ky Qaran 'owr panayw bedabru etu.

    Literal Translation

    Now it was so, when Moshe came down from Mount Sinai (and the two Tablets of the Testimony were in Moshe' hand when he came down from the mountain), that Moshe did not know that the skin of his face grew shining horns while he talked with Him.

    Now how do we know that it was actually meant to mean "Horned" and not "Radiant"? According to Strongs # 07160, the word Qaran pronounced "kaw-ran'" is said to mean 2 things.

    1. To Send Out Rays

    2. To Grow Horns.

    and when you go to Strong's #07161 for Qeren (keh'-ren), it says

    1) horn

    a) horn

    b) of strength (fig)

    c) flask (container for oil)

    d) horn (as musical instrument)

    e) horn (of horn-like projections on the altar)

    f) of rays of light

    g) hill

    and when you go to Strong's #07162 for Qeren (keh'-ren) , it says

    1) horn
    a) as musical instrument
    b) symbolic (in visions)
    c) of an animal
    So if you notice, Strong's, 07160, 07161 and 07162, which all just so happen to have the same root word all have one thing in common, Horns! The term Radiant was latter applied to the term because getting horns was synonymous with becoming an Illuminated or Enlightened Being.

    The actually word for Radiant in Hebrew is 'owr (Strong's 0215) and this word appears in the same verse but is mistranslated to mean Face.

    1) to be or become light, shine

    a) (Qal)

    1) to become light (day)

    2) to shine (of the sun)

    3) to become bright

    b) (Niphal)

    1) to be illuminated

    2) to become lighted up

    c) (Hiphil)

    1) to give light, shine (of sun, moon, and stars)

    2) to illumine, light up, cause to shine, shine

    3) to kindle, light (candle, wood)

    4) lighten (of the eyes, his law, etc)

    5) to make shine (of the face)

    The word for Face is "paniym" (Strong's 06440) and a variant of that word "paynayw" is in the same verse. The same exact Hebrew word "qaran" is used in Psalm 69:31 and it means horns.It is no secret that the princes of ancient Egypt were highly initiated into the Mysteries originally taught by the The Society of the Horns. With all this information, the ancient Nomadic Hebrew Israelites and some modern Jews still do not acknowledge the fact that all they knew came from the Egyptians by way of the Society of the Horns.

    Michelangelo's Moses.
    Notice the Horns

    In the Muslim's Holy Scripture the Qur'aan (not to be mistaken with the Hebrew Word qaran) There are verses where Muwsa (Moses), is interacting with Al Khidr, a being who's title is simply translated as "The Green One". This Green Being is none other then an archetype of Ghaz-Hu. This story can be found in The Qur'aan Surat al-Kahf or "Chapter of The Cave" .It is presently the 18th Sura or Chapter. The Story of Muswa (Moses) and "The Green One" can be found in ayat or verses 60-82.(

    Is There any Christian Connection to the Society of The Horns?

    According to the Scriptures, Jesus was initiated into the Order of Melchizedek. This Melchizedek was none other then another archetype of Ghaz-Hu. The Irony is that unlike Moses who Grew shinny horns from out of his head, Jesus was given a "Crown of Thorns". But Yes. When Jesus received his crown of Thorns, he was then made an initiate into the High Priest hood of The Society of the Horns or as they called it, The Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek is also the same as Al Khidr who is the same as Ghaz-Hu. Melchizedek is also the "one like the son of man" we read about in the Book of Revelations. When you read the following verses, you willl see a strong connection to the Biblical account of Moses being initiated into the same Order.

    Revelation 1:16 (New International Version)
    In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.

    Revelation 2:12 (New International Version)
    To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword.

    What a lot of so called scholars fail to comprehend is the science of the Double Edged Sword. The Double Edged is not actually a Sword coming from out of the Mouth but actually the 2 sharp horns that protrude from out the head. This was at one time all exoteric information that people misunderstood. now the Esoteric secrets are being revealed for those of you who want to get back to our ancient science known simply back then as N'Huwubu. You now understand the mysteries of the Book of Revelation but due to the fact that a lot of early Christians did not understand the esoteric science, they went on a rampage and tried to destroy all the Mystery Schools they could find. In the Mystery Schools, it is taught that "The best way to hide something is in the obvious" Its not a coincidence that Jesus in Italian, the language of the Roman Catholic Church is Gesu' . Notice how the I which was originally the first letter in Jesus or Iesus was later turned into a J to make Jesus yet the Roman Catholic Church made the J a G and decided to call him Gesu' with a vowel U sound. The Vatican keeps this little phonetic word play their own little secret for personal empowerment.

    Did the early Christians destroy all of the Ancient Mystery Schools?
    No they did not for some of the schools were not located in the heart of Christianized Egypt. As stated earlier, the Society of the Horns set up Schools all across the Nile River valley region.. These schools were headed by Mystic Adepts who years down the line would eventually become known as the Islamic Sufis. The Adept of these schools took a vow to protect the Sacred Information of the Society of the Horns. They too were also known for their emblem; an upright crescent and the star that resembles the Arabic letter "Nuwn" (the letter Nuwn, is the first letter of N'Huwubu) They accepted the Truth taught by the Green One known in Ancient Times as Ghaz-Hu. These "Defenders of the Crypt" who took a vow to protect this sacred information were known as the "Ghaazu" Its no coincidence that In Modern Arabic, a "warrior" is known as a "Ghaazi". It all links back to the defenders of the lessons taught by The Society of The Horns. (Refer to Arabic Words and Their Meanings by Imam Isa (c) 1979) & ( ) In the 4th century, Christianity started focusing more on Europe instead of Africa, this gave the Ghaazu a chance to live in peace for some time.

    The Arabic Letter "NUWN"

    The Ghaazu defending the Mystery Schools originally established by the Society of the Horn in North East Africa

    What Happened after the Christians failed to destroy all the Mystery Schools?
    Some of the schools lasted for as long as 850 AD. That was until The Religion of Islam came to became a dominate force. As the Religion of Islam grew, more land was seized, and with the acquisition of land came an ultimatum for the lands inhabitants; Either convert to Islam or die. The Mystic Adepts where then forced to bring back their military division known as The Ghaazu. They battle cry was "Ya' Abaa Dabba Bedou!" which in Arabic translates as "Oh Father, Ever Moving Traveler". The Father is symbolic of the Society of the Horns, who in their eyes were Nomads because they were always traveling from land to land ). But living in peace for so long (between 500 A.D. and 800 A.D.) did not make them good warriors. The Ghaazu lost the battle. The Mystic Adepts then were then forced to convert to Islam or die. They choose life but secretly hid their teachings of the Society of the Horns in what today is known as Islamic Sufism. (Refer to The Sudanese Arabs find their heritage in the Bedouin who wandered the deserts of Saudi Arabia centuries ago ( They are the ones who initiated the color green and memorizing sacred information into Islam. They also disguised the name Ghaz-Hu whom they called "Ghaazu Al Bakir" which means " Ghaazu The Great" in the Islamic takbiyr of "Allahu Akbar" which means "Allah is Great". It is no coincidence that the The first non African tribe initiated into the newly established Islamic Sufi order was known as The "Ghassan" This is no coincidence. ( refer to The Raatib for Shriners by Malachi Z. York, page 56)

    What does Ghassan mean?
    If you look up the meaning of "Ghassan", many sources will say that it is just an "old arabic name". But the reality is that origins is so old that it is unknown to most Arabic speaking people. That is because the name really comes from Ghaz-Hu, whose Defenders were called Ghaazu thus calling their first converts Ghassan. The name Ghassan in modern Arabic is said to mean "Youth" because the Ghassan were the students of the Ghaazu. But the name origin does not stop there. To anyone who knows of the legend of Al Khidr knows that he was associated with the "Water of Immortality" or "Fountain of Youth". Since he drank the Waters of Immortality, he was described as the one who has found the source of life thus making him 'The Eternal Youth.' (refer to ). According to the Alexander Romance, Al Khidr found a green jewel (either an emerald or malachite) which was said to have been brought to earth from paradise by way of Adam. (remember what I said earlier about the letter Alif) It was this jewel that guided Al Khidr to the Water of Immorality. Once he immersed himself into the waters "all the flesh of his body became bluish-green and his garments likewise" (Refer to ). Thus today, it is no coincidence that in Islam, they use the word ghazul when they immerse themselves in water. Ghassan is also where the French get their word "Garcon" meaning "Young Man".
    Al-Khidr, The Green Man

    Al-Khidr (right) and companion Zul-Qarnain (al-Sikandar) marvel at the sight of a salted fish that comes back to life when touched by the Water of Life.

    Are there any tribes in Africa that still hold the traditions of the Society of the Horns?
    Yes! In the village of Belaye, Senegal, West Africa, they still dress like their ancient elders. Traditions that were once part of the initiation ceremony of The Society of the Horns is still being used as part of their rites and initiations into manhood. All of this information is well documented in the Film titled Return To Belaye: A Rite of Passage by Amy Flannery of Yellow Cat Productions. (

    DER Documentary: Return To Belaye: A Rite of Passage

    An insider's look at a manhood initiation ritual in the village of Belaye, Senegal, West Africa.

    Senegal, or as they say in their native tongue "Zenega" has a phonetic relation to the word "Seneca", a sub-tribe of Iroquois Native Americans. "Senega" is referred to in Peter Martyr's work Decades of the New World (1503), which was translated into English in 1555. It indicated that "Senega" was one of the regions of the Kingdome of Guinea which is occupied by "the black Moors called Ethiopians or Negros ." James Brunson and Runoko Rashidi contend that the African ethnic name "Zenega," is Ku****o-Hamitic in origin. Yet, Seneca also pertains to an indigenous people of the Americas. More proof linking Africa and the Americas with the Society of the Horns.

    King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. wearing a replica of the Ancient Egyptian headdress known as the nemez. Notice the Horns.Jesus Found In Egypt By Malachi Z York Page 281

    You mentioned the Ghazzu saying "Ya'Abba Dabba Bedou". Is this where the Flintstones got "Yabba-Dabba-Doo"?
    Yes. The Flintstones were created by an Animation studio known as Hanna Barbera. The studio was named after the last names of its founders, two Jewish men, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. They wanted to create a cartoon that was similar to Jackie Gleason's The Honeymooners. In The Honeymooners, the main character, Ralph Kramden was a member of a fraternal order known as the Raccoon Lodge. Hanna Barbera decided to make their main character whom they called Fred Flintstone a member of a fraternal order known as "The Order of the Dinosaur". Hanna and Barbera, both being Jewish had very little knowledge of fraternal orders such as Freemasonry and The Shriners so they kept the name of Freds fraternal order the same for the early episodes. As the show began to grow, they hired a creative team that consisted of a couple of animators and story tellers who were of The Ancient and Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine or "Shriners" for short. Their creative team decided to adapted actual ancient rituals and symbols into the program. At first, there was no Seal in Fred's Fez or Tarbuwsh.. As the episodes progressed, they added what seem to look like the Arabic letter "Nuwn" to the Fez or Tarbuwsh. The Rev. Dr Malachi Z York-El has always taught that the Arabic letter "Nuwn" was the same as the symbol of the upright crescent and the star.With this innovation to the head gear came the changing of Fred's Fraternal order from "The Order of the Dinosaur" to "The Royal Order of Water Buffalo" (a Horned Animal)

    Notice the Seal on his TARBUWSH Notice the Seal on his Tarbuwsh

    Recently, on an episode of the Cartoon Network show called Sealab 2021 (Another show originally Created by Hanna Barbera Studios), they had an episode where they too were part of a Secret Society. But instead of having the Ancient Seal of the Star and Crescent on their Tarbuwsh, they had the symbol of the Spear and the Crescent. This symbol is the exact same symbol used by The Rev. Dr Malachi Z. York's Great Grand Father, Al Mahdi: Muhammad Ahmad of the Sudan on this Flags. Al Mahdi: Muhammad Ahmad was also a Sufi.


    So does that mean that Hanna Barbera Studios also concealed the "Ghaz-Hu" in the character "The Great Gazoo"?
    Yes. On the Flintstones, "The Great Gazoo" was a little green inter-dimensional traveler who would help Fred in his time of need. Everything is so obvious. The Green skin, the ability to travel in between the ethereal and physical realms. The Great Gazoo is based on the Ancient Ghaz-Hu and all the other archetypes which came after like Murduk, Tehuti, Melchizedek and Al Khidr. But instead of Horns, the Great Gazoo had Antennas because the Antennas represent advanced horns or 9 Ether.


    Are there any other Characters Based on the Ancient Ghaz-Hu?
    George Lucas, who was a student of Mythologist Joseph Campbell, created a Character named Yoda for his Star Wars films. Yoda was also green. The name Yoda comes from the Hebrew word "Yahudah" which is Judah in English and means "Praise".

    Yoda the "D-Jedi"- "Son of the Green Light" Saber


    Please send any questions to [email protected]

    From: Nuwaubian Hotep
    Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 09:38:02 -0500

    Raahubaat Luk,

    Good work on this page. I will reread again for accuracy. I notice while speed reading you chose not to attack Dr. York and/or the Nuwaubic doctrine. That in turn freed my reading of your work from criticisms of immaturity and redundancy, and made me take notice to the "actual" lesson of Ghaz-Hu. And indeed I have learned.

    Keep up the good work Sena,

    From: nijanissaba
    Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 09:02:04 -0400

    I have read the info in full. I will reread this info again and again until it firmly sinks into the network of my brain. It was by the will of the Most High that you were able to obtain this info, and I greatly appreciate your sharing and caring with others. Makes me look at the whole cartoon area in a whole different light. In Divine Love, Neferqueen9
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    Oh, hell no to the no !! Glad "hell" is not a banned word on this site...I think. Let me clarify a few things concerning this post. First of all, anytime someone comes up with something that the best of our scholars and scientist from America and Africa did not come up with, I must be suspect and I must investigate. Why? Because some of the BEST OF OUR SCHOLARS WERE BORN AND RAISED ON THE CONTINENT WE NOW CALL AFRICA. Some of the best of our scholars did not rely on European data but were archaeologist themselves, which means that they were out there doing the physical digging by hand themselves. I'm speaking of people like Cheihk Anta Diop, Theophili Obenga and Dr. Ben just to name a few....and all of them are from Africa.

    However, I want you to bear with me and follow the logic that I'm speaking so as to get a clear understanding of why I'm saying what it is that I'm saying.

    Point Number One: According to the most ancient history known to man that is recorded in writing and in oral tradition, the "oldest nation or civilization" as we know it to be is what we now call "Ethiopia"...aka Abyssnnia....aka Cush....aka Anu. As I document in my book, they have a history of the land mass that we now call Kemet...aka Egypt, when the land mass did not even exist. In other words, when there was nothing up there but water. When the land mass that we now call Kemet or Egypt appeared, they were the ones who sent a colony of people up there to occupy and establish what we now refer to as the greatest civilization to ever grace the earth. They equally mention that all the concepts of the Gods and of writing and everything were sent up there with them.

    Point Two: This word that we now use call "Asia", I document in my book when it was that it first came into use. Dr Ben informs us that the very name "Asiatic" was and is a derogatory name. "Asia" as a name which I also document in my book is a relatively new name. Since we understand that our ancestors did not use the vowel system of "a-e-i-o-u, we must look at the word "Asia" again. If we were to take all the vowels out all we would have left is an "S". So I say this to say that even the name "Asia" is a recently created one, which I explain in my book also and why.

    Point Three: Anything that mentions "Allah"..."Arabic"..."Alif"...."Hebrew"....the "Cannanites" or the so called "Bible" can not be referred to or used as ancient history. Why? Because all the above are a so called derivative of so called "Abraham" who was supposedly known as the first Hebrew and Abrahams so called reality can not go beyond 1700 b.c. It is from Abraham that we supposedly get the first so called Arab, the first so called Jew, the first so called we can nix that!!

    Because I don't want this to be an extended writing I'm going to do this in two parts, but my point before I finish is simple....that BULLS*** that the Nuwabians posted is just that....bulls****!!! Only those with no intimate knowledge of history will fall victim to it and of course they know that the majority of our people do not possess that.

    Part Two of this is on the way!!

    Oh, I'm Glad you posted this Goddess Auset, cause if you had not, someone else would have and they would have ran with it as if it was pure fact!!!
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    Beloved Mighty warrior King god :thinking:brother Keita:
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    BINGO!:jumping: :jumping: :jumping: This post did not sit well with my Spirit. I knew you had the answers to the questionsI have about this post.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

    I Am still learning:baby:


    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030:
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    Part Two:

    Point Four: I'm from St. Louis, the "show me state". I mean, I'm not really from St. Louis but they have a good other words, "SHOW ME!!!" If you can't show me it don't exist!!! Now I mention all of this because somewhere in the writing it mentions that these people "taught the Egyptians". I have no problem with that, not one bit at all. What I do have a problem with is the idea that the so called teachers never physically manifested a civilization greater than Egypt that we can see for ourselves....that we can archaeologically say we have evidence of, that we can say we have monuments and artifacts of. That is what I have a problem with!!! This in essence means that we are left to take the word of something or someone that we can not physically prove to be true. I GOT A BIG PROBLEM WITH THAT!!!

    Point Five: I have heard many things about this mysterious civilization called "SUMER". In fact, based upon the things that I have heard, I would have expected for our archaeologist or European archaeologist to come up with something to at least "prove this SUMER to be a historical reality or fact". In Chancellor Williams work, "The Destruction Of Black Civilization" he opens his work with the question: "whatever happened to the people of Sumer? I hear that they were a Black civilization?" The answer given is; "They forgot their history and so they died". For a long time I accepted this as being true....however, in as much as they may have died providing that they existed, that which they built and created would not have died with them!!! In other words, evidence of their reality would still exist and in the words of DR. BEN; "UNTIL YOU CAN BRING ME SOMETHING THAT IS OLDER THAN EGYPT THAT I CAN SEE AND EXAMINE, IT DON'T EXIST!!!!"

    Point Six: According to the work of Professor Walter Williams, the reality of "Sumer is a European creation that is found no where else but the Bible; "In other words, it did not exist"!!! ....and maybe this is the reason that we have not found any artifacts or monuments that attest to the reality that it did exist !! Think about that !!! In other words, it is a European creation !!!!

    Point Seven: There appears to be a lot of clarification concerning "what they were called, what their names were and everything else. How I ask is this possible? Who made this decision as to what vowels should be used and where they should go so that we obtain a name or anything else? Who made this decision????!!!! Sorry, I'm not buying it !!!!

    I hope that I have at least posted enough to allow those with "THINKING MINDS" TO UNDERSTAND WHERE I'M COMING FROM AND WHY. I have tried to make this as logical as possible so that anyone with even half a brain can see that something is seriously wrong !!!!! I think that my final question should be; "How did the nuwabians suddenly out of nowhere come across information and knowledge that those intimately involved in the research and archeology with access to that which the masses are not privy to suddenly come out with something that no one in the world has ever heard of???

    I leave you in Peace!!!
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    Thank you Divine:SuN030: teacher beloved brother Keita for weeding the untruth out and planting the Divine Truth in.

    Harmony:SuN030: Order:SuN030: Balance :SuN030:
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    You are more than welcome my Queen !!!