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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    When preparing for a Serious Freedom Revolution, that is to take place on both front, physical and Mental, the Prima Facia Case must be based on Internal purging from within the Black influenced World, starting with members of the AU and the Most prestige USA Civil Rights Groups and Community Activist Groups, because they make plans only to be of a self serving Nature at the expense of the Down Trodden whom they claim to have an interest in, but only use the needy as Pawns to further their own selfish and personal ambition, which is grounded in impressing the Human Beings, oppressors of Black People in Afrika and abroad, with the center of evil being the USA.

    How can any Black Organization, be it in the construct of a State, Civil Rights organization or secondary Group Company, claiming in good Judgment to be acting in favor of the Masses of Black People, with the Human Being oppressors presence in the Midst of those Traitors organism, they call organizations, yet never being able to point to anything they have done for the Black Poor, that will cause the Black Nation to be Unified and Self Sustaining independently.

    I do not need to recite a long litany of acts of failure in order to convince the Black poor and Hungry that they being an interest of concern has been exploited by Afrikan People in order to gain good favor from the Human Beings Oppressor, so to any Serious Black Person, it is obvious that there is no Serious Black Force in action today in order to look after the Life of Black People in need, they still feeling the sting of oppression that is coming from, not just the Primry oppressors but is coming from the Brand New Afrikans, they impersonating white, Arab, and Jewish White Folks, and it be those Brand New Afrikans that are socializing, integrating and grinning with the enemy of Black People, such ignorance is displayed in Afrika AU and in the Diaspora USA. NAACP, URBAN LEAUGE THE RAINBOW COALITION and the other intergrating assimilation Afrikan groups

    So it is Afrikan Black People and Black Afrikan Americans that now serve to be the greatest enemy to Afrika and the Black Nation, in this evil world action toward Black People.

    It is difficult to find the Brand New Afrikan who will rather Act instead of Talk, in defense and in pursuit of Freedom for Blacks In Afrika and in the USA, and it is the Brand New Afrikan that now occupy those seats of leadership, not by Freedom of the Will of Black People but by the Choice of the Caucasian Afrikan People and when dealing with the present Afrikan leadership, the choice is not left up to Black People, it depend on those who are in influential position in the eyes of the Black Hungry and poor, they that are coerced into accepting such a devilish Afrikan Leadership, those who dance to the tune played by the Caucasian, Arab, Jewish Human Beings, those people with a history of oppressing Black People and now the Brand New Afrikan is running around Afrika, emulating their oppressors Masterful Behavior toward Black People, in Afrika and The Diaspora USA, claiming to be interested in a United State Of Afrika, andJustice for Blackpeople in the USA, when in fact if a USA In Afrika and Justice for Black people in america ever happen as now being discussed, Afrika will be no more and the Brand New Afrikan will resolve to being the Human Beings white folks term, ******, while the Afrikan american be having the N - Word wiped from the dictionary in america, all being action in futility

    There is talk about formulating a council of Elders, not Black Divine Elders but Afrikan Elders and the make-up of such an Afrikan Council, will it be the likes of Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition and the result will end up to be the same as Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition, yet the Brand New Afrikan is ready to jump for Joy because Such hand made Afrikan Elders are spearheading the Council, with Tutu being the Chair, now really, tell me, what do you expect Afrika and Black down trodden Black people, is to gain from this shenanigan act, I know, I am not to critique the action of those Afrikan turned Elders, who have been given the mission to act out the Human Being Plan for Afrika under the disguise of an integrated Council Of Elder Afrikans, I Leave you to be the Judge of this undertaking.

    In the Mind of White america there will always be white folks defining *******, in the white world, and it make no different how ignorant the NAACP act is in reference to that word.

    Black Folks will not be able to wipe that word from the Mind of White Folks, but the effort is to wipe it out of the Mind of the Afrikan, it is a word that will be passed down through White Generations to Come, whether we play it back using our meaning or not or doing away with it or not and that is alright, because it will be in keeping with america United State Racism.

    Therefore what the NAACP should have been reacting to is the Racist Attitude and Behavior of all Racist Caucasians, Arabs, and Jewish People, and all else that practice Racism toward the Black World, an Attitude and Behavior is more deadly than a word, why? because it deal with the state of Mind in a Physical expressed action, developing a spirit that will reflect the Mental attitude that cause such a mind to act out what it is Believing to be true about black People in a ****** kind of way, therefore the word come alive through action of the Mind of the user of that word.

    The greatest enemy to Afrika and Black People in Afrika and in the USA, happen to be the so call Afrikan Leadership, any Afrikan Leader who can not See the Hand Writing on the wall, stating how much Afrika need the Children of the Middle Passage, if Afrika and the Black Life is to be saved from the hand of destruction, the hidden hand of Evil, guiding the visible present day leaders in the world, the hand that has every intention of destroying Afrika and Black People, but by the coming Home of the Children of the Middle Passage to Afrika, as the next established State, en-mass, whose goal will be to give the Divine Mind back to a lost and forgotten Black People in Afrika, with Black People becoming those that represent the Freedom, Independence, and Peace for a Black United Continental place call Afrika, that hidden hand will be revealed by the United Action of Black People that has been down trodden and now have been given cause for them to rise again in defense of their Black Divine Lives and the Sacred Land call Afrika.

    There is no boundaries of the Holy Land of Queen Mother Earth for Black People, but there is a Starting point where the gods our Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors first appeared and the ground that held the Feet of the arriving gods, such Divine presence, make that ground we now call Afrika, Sacred Ground, and that which is Sacred and Divine, must be protected at all Time against any and all Evil action toward it and the people that did come to this planet, wearing the Coat of the Perfect Night, Black People I speak of.

    The greatest enemy to Black People are those Afrikans who are not Divinely connected to the Children of the Middle Passage, so it is no wonder they can not understand the sacredness in such a Divine Right of the Children of the Middle Passage to be established in Afrika, with the foundation being Reparation, serving as a tribute and Honor to our Enslaved Ancestors, as well as being an act of submission to the Divine Will of our First Way Ancestors, of whom all Black people are the children of. and have the Right to rise in Afrika as the next established State, whose mission will be to participate in the Uniting of the Black Nation, in a place call Afrika.

    Only the enemy to Afrika and Black People will attempt to impede any progress toward that End, for the sake of Afrika and Black People in Afrika, and such a spirit will reveal the greatest enemy to Afrika and Black People in Afrika and the Diaspora USA.

    Do I share to win favor from you, No, I share with a desire that you win favor of your Black Selves and whenever that come to happen, Afrika and the Black Divine Being In Afrika, will Rise again.

    Let You Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone and I ask Black People, what are you waiting for, you possessing the ingredients that will allow you to become that Divine Being you once were before the Fall Of the Daughters And Sons Of The gods, your Divine Ancestors, Black Woman and Man, they who have been taught that you are full of the Human Being Sin, when in fact you have acquired such a Sinful attitude and behavior toward each other, they being your Family of a Black Nation.

    Only The Devil Is Angry For The Revealing Of Such Penetrating Information, defying all you have been taught by the Human Being, of which the Afrikan has become.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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