Spoken Word : The Great Snake


Aug 18, 2013
It is the year 2012 on the banks of Snake river
stands a cross road in man's destiny
Where above hovers blue skies and white clouds
As the viciously winding river alters man's present
Ignites his future and reveals
the steps of his past
The hissing sound
of the rapids strike
out at man's fate
Smashing against him like
He was a rock fixed for destruction
While clinging to the jaws of the snake
Who fill his veins with venom
The reptile's posion deceived him into believing time is real
As man chases its bright colors and prays
time slows down before his ever approaching death
If he could have one more breath
one more hit of life he begged
And the Snake grants his wish with more suffering
Making Man endure pain as he lives
Rendering him confused,
and too afraid to let go of the Snake's charm
Man believes his soul belongs to the river's depths
Deceived for it is only the bowels of the snake
And from underneath it's shallow bottoms
Lies an endless pit of darkness, death and decay!
O' man watch out they cried with ever increasing urgency
They are not but the heavenly angels that sing
in harmony calling upon man to sing with them
And to answer his calling that Man is also a god
And he should take his place among them
But the old snake knew the greatness of man
And envious he continued to devour them through rituals
Drowning them in their own eagerness to please him
They made idols unto the Snake and carved tatoos on their flesh
That bore the resemblance of feathered serpents feasting upon men
Enclosed in flaming fire while demanding sacrifices
Only them who were the most prettiest
Only them that were the most wise
Only them thought to be more godly than us they said
Little boys and girls gathered collected by the Serpent's agents
Who worked happily for the snake, covered in black hooded robes
They enjoyed the trapping, the torture
The murder and sodomising rape of innocents
They were demons possessed and loved their job description
They loved even more the pain infliction
The screams of their victims gave them an orgasmic rush
As blood covered the altar within the huge pentagram,
And enslaved spirits cried out from the unknown
The snake was exceedingly pleased that his slaves were so obedient
He lavished them with gifts of power and rank
His elite he crowned whom followed his every command
Judases who were wiling to help the Snake destroy man
For the pleasure of pure wickedness
As they bowed to the Snake saying O' Lucifer the illuminated one!
He who controls the world and all it's kingdoms by secret decree!
The sinister one who plots against humanity
In order to make way for serpent rule
So Beware O' man because in the secret chambers lies
The Great Dragon and his agents are everywhere
From the pulpit they preach venomous sermons
And from the podium
they give their promising speeches
From benches they issue forth merciless judgment
They are brutal enforcers of oppression and tryanny
Who swear their false alligience to peace
While their evil fraternity controls every industry,
Dominating commerce and trade the world over.
Running nations from round tables
Starting wars while sipping tea
Making slaves out of billions of souls,
Who are herded like sheep
To a mass sacrifice, bodies covered with lime
And burned with crude oil
They say how could such a story be true?
It is but a myth designed to scare us from God
But it is God who made the snake
Who dared it to deceive Eve with his evil tongue
And God who cursed every child she bore after
Causing them to divide in tribes, hues and tongues
As the Serpent deceived them to war for land
Hiding himself amongst them
Satan's kingdom is illusive, it hides in plain sight
It exists by legions of brotherhood
Who winding scales touch every circle of man
Like a worldwide nests of reptilians
So be cautious O'man in your gleeful parties
Your festival celebrations and carvnivals
Be wise in your invitations that
You are not welcoming snakes to dinner
For they love the taste of men...
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