Black People : "The great problem of the 21st century" - a quote.

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    The great problem of the 21st century is the problem of language. The gap between​
    what we say and what we mean has widened to the point that we require explanations of​
    explanations of explanations and summaries of summaries of summaries; with each one​
    drifting further and further from the actual, from the truth. Nothing is clear-cut or exact.​
    Everything seems to have at least a pinch of ambiguity whisked in at it's base. This loss​
    of Clarity is a sign that we are sinking further and further down into the hole of our cultural​
    outhouse; and learning, as if for the first time, that our sh** does indeed stink. That it, in​
    fact, reaks of the contradictions and the blasphemic platitudes professed before God and​
    Nature and each other.​