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    The Great Pretenders

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This come from.
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    Keep sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    First of all, the two claims that Black people make that verify those who make such a claim is the greatest of pretenders among us Black people, is the claim that Black people are free and that there is a living condition Black people experience today that is worst than the time when our Ancestors were Enslaved.

    Black people living condition today is of such, that we rather pretend to be free than to do what is required of us to do in order to become Free, which is to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    It is the fact of the Enslavement of our Ancestors that have us to be great pretenders and discredit any claim by Black people today, claiming to be in a living situation that is worst than the Enslavement experience of our Ancestors, when in fact it is that experience that now offer the opportunity of freedom and a Divine way of life living to Black people.

    So, stop pretending with, and killing each other, and begin to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Because, if only Black people would become willing to stop pretending, and start to be Real about the cause of the state of condition of Afrika and the divisive nature of Black people among each other and when realness become the motivation factor of the Black life, only then will Afrika change and Black people will become united and free..

    The wise know why the pretenders are unstable in their claim to be what we are not, wise in the way we see all of those things that do in fact affect our lives.

    The Pretenders are very erratic and is unstable mentally, we can not hold to that which need to be held upon and trusted, now in many ways, the pretenders do not want to trust, because the way our lives have been made to be, the great pretenders among us, who I am sharing with you about.

    Most black people are hollow and is without Divine substance, and is without trust of each other.

    Let there appear a wise one among us, and the pretenders will go to work trying to confuse more than usual our people, those who are in need of wise and Divine true information.

    A quality of information that is not of the same old baggage created by Lucifer, for purpose of maintaining the great pretenders in the midst of Black people, they claiming to believe in that which they do not know about, concerning the Divine Essence, the universe, and about our Black so call Afrikan selves.

    Where there is no wisdom among Black people, pretension is our illness, and in the midst of Black people, you have the great pretenders, they who pretend to be what we are not to the Black world, to freedom fighters, and by us being the victim of such deceit, we know nothing about what is fact, as oppose to what is fiction in our lives.

    for instance, have you ever paid attention to those so call Black Afrikan scholars/ activist, those who make claim to believe they are in the know about our past lives upon this planet call Earth.

    How in their haste to disagree with information that was not passed on to them by Lucifer doing, and how all of our claim to believe, not know about our life past, is predicated upon what Lucifer has tricked us into believing about ourselves, as Black people.

    Well beloved, because of the approach Black people have been trained to use when making claim of being in search for the truth about what we were in our past, and how we became who we now are in our present, on this planet, such is why you who take a unbiased view of Afrika and Black so call Afrikan people, can determine who among Black people are in actual original mode, as oppose to those of us who are the great pretenders about Afrika and our Black so call Afrikan self.

    In Divinity, the Divine truth does not come to you fragmented, and Divine Reality does not play, and does not hang out with illusion.

    Divine Truth and Reality is just what it is, which is actuality without pretense, having no need to be supported by belief, faith, and hope, the principles that have you pretending, such actionable profane spirit being the brain child of Lucifer the Human Being, he who have made the confession to have never ever been perfect in life, and now have Black people believing the same thing about ourselves, as we now subscribe to being Human, and not Divine Beings, a sure sign that most Black people, they who have transformed to be Human Beings, and know nothing about what we are formed to be and is revealed as we are, by the Divine Essence of us all.

    The Divine Essence need not to create anything that it already has in Its Existence, it being the power of it all.

    The Divine Essence, it just reveal what always has been and always will be, such is the power of the Divine Essence.(GOD)

    Beloved, my point is this, when you do not know, you end up pretending to believe you know, and the thing that give you away, prove that you do not know, but is pretending that you do.

    Such is the attitude the great pretender use to try and verify claim to knowing the Divine Truth about our Past life living upon this planet.

    It is the information Lucifer uses when teaching about the Black Afrikan past life history, making it to be Lucifer story about the past lives of Black people, all such information being that which misinform Black people about what we are and who we have been made to become, today.

    Here is what is Divinely True, concerning Black people who pretend to be in the know, but is all of the Time weighted down with information we have been made to believe is true.

    There is only one Black Divine Being Nation that came to this planet earth, small in numbers but united in Divine Intelligence, there was no Afrikan Asiatic Black Divine being, no Europe to fragment and confuse our mind, and no America to assimilate us into being and believing as white people, Arab people, and Jewish people do.

    So, when you are seeking the story related to our Past, upon this planet, and you seek to have the Divine Truth revealed to you about you Black people, then know that your dwelling place is the Universe and your self recognition is Divine Beings, with a Divine intelligence that had you to be in the know of the quantum particle that is forever lasting, and eternal Infinite, and is interactive, which cause what has always been, to be continuously in the motion of coming and going, and forever To Be.

    You can not know of your present until you know of your past and you can not know of your past and present, not until you know of your Infinite Existence, which come without a creation.

    Beloved, it is such perpetual Dimensional action that verify there is where the Divine Truth reside, that Divine Truth which reveal all there is that you need to know about the Divinity of your Blackness.

    Such Divine information is not revealed to a profane mind that take pleasure in pretending to be who you do not know, what you are.

    So, Black people settle for being anything Lucifer has made claim that you are, and you question not, because you have no longer the intelligence to be able to distinguish between a Lie and the Divine truth, between Divine Reality, and profane pretending about Black people in this world, today.

    Be Kind To your self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
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