OldSoul : The Great Pax Whitie (Knowledge for the non-white)

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    The Great Pax Whitie


    In the beginning was the word
    And the word was
    And the word was ni$$er
    And the word was death to all ni$$ers
    And the word was death to all life
    And the word was death to all
    peace be still

    The genesis was life
    The genesis was death
    In the genesis of death
    Was the genesis of war
    be still peace be still

    In the name of peace
    They waged the wars
    ain’t they got no shame

    In the name of peace
    Lot’s wife is now a product of the Morton company
    nah, they ain’t got no shame

    Noah packing his wife and kiddies up for a holiday
    row row row your boat
    But why’d you leave the unicorns, noah
    Huh? why’d you leave them
    While our Black Madonna stood there
    Eighteen feet high holding Him in her arms
    Listening to the rumblings of peace
    be still be still

    He wanted to know
    And peter only asked who is that dude?
    Who is that Black dude?
    Looks like a troublemaker to me
    And the foundations of the mighty mighty
    Ro Man Cat holic church were laid

    hallelujah Jesus
    nah, they ain’t got no shame

    Cause they killed the Carthaginians
    in the great appian way
    And they killed the Moors
    “to civilize a nation”
    And they just killed the earth
    And blew out the sun
    In the name of a god
    Whose genesis was white
    And war wooed god
    And america was born
    Where war became peace
    And genocide patriotism
    And honor is a happy slave
    cause all god’s chillun need rhythm
    And glory hallelujah why can’t peace
    be still

    The great emancipator was a bigot
    ain’t they got no shame
    And making the world safe for democracy
    Were twenty millon slaves
    nah, they ain’t got no shame

    And they barbecued six million
    To raise the price of beef
    And crossed the 38th parallel
    To control the price of rice
    ain’t we never gonna see the light

    And champagne was shipped out of the East
    While kosher pork was introduced
    To Africa
    Only the torch can show the way

    In the beginning was the deed
    And the deed was death

    And the honkies are getting confused
    peace be still

    So the great white prince
    Was shot like a ni$$er in texas
    And our Black shining prince was murdered
    like that thug in his cathedral
    While our ni$$er in memphis
    was shot like their prince in dallas
    And my lord
    ain’t we never gonna see the light
    The rumblings of this peace must be stilled
    be stilled be still

    ahh Black people
    ain’t we got no pride?

    Nikki Giovanni, “The Great Pax Whitie” from Black Feeling, Black Talk, Black Judgment.
    Source: The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni (2003)