Black Spirituality Religion : The GREAT MOTHER Usurped

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    I trust the scholarship and research of Gerald Massey as closely as i trust the scholarship of Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop.

    He is undoubtedly one of the few Europeans who was not afraid to speak the truth; therefore, transcending and bypassng racial bias and pre-prejudice as he painstakingly turned back the layers of Ancient Egypt to provide his gut analysis.


    Page 407
    Ancient Egypt: The Light Of The World: A Work of Reclamation And Restitution In Twelve Books by Gerald Massey
    London: T. Fisher Unwin (1907)

    "...The foundation of monotheism was laid when the various powers were combined in a single deity to be worshiped as the one true eternal spirit. These were primarily the Great Mother a the one true eternal spirit. These were primarily the Great Mother and her seven elemental powers. And then the goddess was superseded by the god Ptah, both sexes were included in the one Supreme Being who was now the Lord over all. It was the same with Osiris, as the pictures show. Asar was the mother and child (Hes-Ar) in one, and the perfect triune type was completed in God the father. There was no God the father without God the mother and God the child. In the mythological text from Memphis we read of Ptah in his divine forms. In one of these he is designated "Ptah of the earth." "The Mother giving birth to At um and his associate-gods' (line 14)..."