Sounds Great!

MetaSaience said:
Greetings Destee Family.

This is an "attempt" to create an online game using a constructive debate format right here on Destee. No need to run out and copyright it, it's all in good fun and hopefully it will be treated as such. Yes I know there are "Great" Debaters on Destee, and I am sure this online game will invite all of you to share your knowledge and wisdom with us.

The Rule are as follows:

First we present a Resolve. This is the statement we will argue.
There is no need for teams or groups.
Once the statement is made, anyone is invited to give a quote from a "known" person or source that argues for or against the statement.
However, many of you will be required to observe and be Judges who state their agreements.


Resolve: The Bible will free Black people from Slavery.

Member1: “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”
- Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Member2: I agree with Member1

Instead of quoting a known person or source; book, newspaper, website etc., you can simply quote yourself. However, if you choose to do so you can be challenged by a Destee member with "why do you believe what you believe?" or "explain to us why you feel this way" and you would have to explain your statement from your personal experience, not from "what you heard" on the streets on read in a book.

The strongest argument presented by the "Great Debater" wins naturally. This is determined by how many agree with your responses, simply by stating "I Agree with ______." The Great Debater chooses the Resolve for the next subject.

Also if anyone has more ideas of how to revamp and improve this game....please present that Debate as well.

Destee Warriors....

Let the games begin.

Has anyone made any comments about the movie and it's many important messages to the Global Black Communty.
Great idea but, man you please gota remove that Tarzan negro, derogatory witch doctor jp.
I Sincerely Hope that.........

MetaSaience said:
Queen True, I honor and respect your honesty!

In all truth, this game is designed to create a Win Win situation for all the members here at Destee, but I will not let out that little secret out yet.

In a nut shell....



was not a clip from THAT REVOLUTIONARY
liberating,Pro Black "please don't buy the booltleg"
Khepera onthe screen,
thatDenzel put so much effort into,
and that the oligarchy hates!!!!!
Greetings Natinr,

I know you mean well. The "Tarzan Negro"- you are referring too...humm, this is why we need to study our history through the minds and eyes of African people and less European scholarship. What you see the image doing is a celebration dance of health and power, one that still continues today in Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Without such, and especially without the Shaman Warrior many of us would not be alive today to "debate" the matters of history to which we are so proud to access online while members of our Ancestry "lived."

This dance of celebration shakes off the negative energy in self, and others. Chasing away the negative spirits of the past.

With that being said...we should move on to a new resolve.


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