Chief Elder Osiris : The Great Black Divide

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    From the South To The North and from the East to the West in what is called North America, you have the second greatest divide of Black people in the world and the question that need to be asked and answered is not if such a claim is true but what caused that divide that have those Black people in North America to be so divided among each other and been trained to separate acting as strangers to each other, always holding onto their newly acquired identity, preferring to be recognized as a geography landscape instead of being a cogent part of a ethnicity of people with the same phenotype, all came from the same central location of origin on this planet which is the place now referred to as Afrika.

    So is it not phenotypical and geographical correct to accept that all of us Black Folks in North America has a common Planetary origin on this Earth and that origin is Afrika?

    So why is it that a people wearing the same pigment coat have yet after over Five Hundred Years in Captivity have never attempted to unify together in pursuit of a common goal and that goal should be to demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and demand our return to our central base of origin on this planet, the place we call Afrika.

    Why is it that the Afrikans in South America, The Caribbean, the United States and the surrounding areas have not yet expressed desire to unite for the common cause and for the greater good of bringing back unity to the once Divine Beings, they whose pigment coat is as the perfect Night with many attempts by our oppressors who wear a different pigment coat than we do and have done many things to change our natural phenotype, even by a social domestic experiment of raping our mothers and socially conditioning most of us into accepting a social contract of Racial Assimilation, causing many of us Black People to now wear a pigment coat that resemble the oppressors Pigment, although many that were forced to wear the pigment coat of the oppressors now continue to wear their Afrikan Blackness that is just as Mentally powerful than many of us with an apparent Black pigment coat but is with the Mind that has been converted to be that as the oppressors of Black People today.

    Why is it when we choose to escape hardship, be it natural occured or man made wherever we reside outside of America and those of us in America receiving Injustice we run to every place we can in the world in search of a little relief with the exception of Afrika, even as divided and full of self hate many of the people of our Black family is in Afrika, there is still the place that stand a better opportunity to reconstruct back to a family of unity and a regaining of Afrika Land than to go running off where the Black density is very sparse to the extent that you have no desire of ever controlling your life destiny or having any meaningful power and authority whereby you can enjoy respect, first of yourselves and from others in the world.

    Yes this is the Time for change, but it must be a Divine Change if it is to return the Black World to where it once stood on this planet with the fulness of Pride and the confidence of our Mind being as it should be which is Divine and it is a Divine Mind that is capable of reminding Black People who we Truly and really are regardless of where we have scattered to be on this planet and is now without power and authority, a lack of which that does not earn us respect in the world.

    Here today and let me take and use America United States as an example to prove my point that does in fact represent our relationship with each other who are in the Notheren Hemiphere and is Black.

    In America you have people who draw a distinction among themselves by the geographical area we have been conditioned to accept ourselves to be, for example you have Black Afrikans in America who refer to themselves as Hatians, Jamacans, those from Afrika with a visa and with hope to become natralized to be an American, you have Black people coming from the various other caribean Islands and south America and as faraway as Australia, all identifying themselves not as Black Afrikans but as a representave of various land mass that is away from the Land we truly represent as a People with a phenotype that is evident of our earthly planetary origin, which is the place call Afrika.

    So tell me, why is there such a divide between a people when if you put them all in the same bag shake them up and pour them out, you will not be able to tell the difference in them by looking at them, the difference will only come when we begin to express our mental conditioning and oppressive culture transformation.

    Have you Black people any idea the power you will represent if the difference we have acquired concerning our relationship to each other and how that spirit we express today toward each other would vanish if we only would begin to adopt a common goal for our Black Lives and that goal should be to return back to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation for purpose to return to Afrika to reclaim Afrika and to reunite the Black Nation again by us returning as the next State to be established in Afrika?

    Never have I see a people so divided and be in such a hurry to oppose any action that will bring unity to a much divided People away from home but is in need of unity for the purpose to take us home, that is the Divine change we Black People of the Middle Passage are in need of in North America, yet because of our Self negative conditioning we have not the Mind nor the will to see Afrika become Afrika again and the Black Nation to be united again, we always harboring the excuse believing and saying that can not never happen again.

    Well beloved let me share with you, the Past is and can be the prolouge to our present and all we need to do is to revise our virtue and act and behave in our lives as we once did and it is in that time of our lives when we were in our Divine Mind expressing our Divine spirituality, a level of life Spirit we no longer can envision of ourselves any more.

    It is down right detrimental to Black People wherever we are to attempt to be so call political correct in that which we say and do in life today, because at the present time, we Black people are victims of a Mind that guide us away from each other and that beloved, is what causing the great divide among the Black so call Afrikans in the world today, hungry for a change regardless of its quality.

    Can you Understand that, Beloved?

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved.

    Chief E
    Pan Afrikan inter'National movement
    The First way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism/Sankofe Repatriation