Black People : The government’s herd immunity plan is callous and dangerous


Jul 2, 2003
The United States, Brazil, And The United Kingdom
have Ding Dongs in Charge
Along with much citizenry that believe. in all these countries and are going along with this Herd Immunity Crap.. .
Purposefully refusing to wear protection.... Feelings nothing even if it is by other means besides the Virus that lives are lost.

" Nuke Em and Let God sort Them Out "
Or Let the Virus eliminate the Weak and Fragile and Only the Strong Shall Survive.

Either Way this is why the PPE and Testing kits are not available, States are left to fend for themselves etc..

The government’s herd immunity plan is callous and dangerous

We have not been told why such a policy by contrast is not appropriate for the UK. Given the pitifully low level of intensive care unit facilities and trained ICU staff here, it would seem even more critical for our country that the spread of the virus is not merely managed as an epidemiological case study, but stopped before the NHS is completely overwhelmed, as it will be at the levels of infection calmly being predicted by the government and its advisers.

The approach looks dangerously like callous complacency rather than urgent emergency intervention. If carnage unfolds, we will look to the experience of other countries, and if we have a significantly higher death rate than others, our government will not be forgiven.
Stephen Smith


The UK government’s strategy to minimise the impact of Covid-19 “is to allow the virus to pass through the entire population so that we acquire herd immunity”. Implicit in this is the acceptance of large numbers of deaths of vulnerable people, hence Boris Johnson saying that many families will lose loved ones. This sounds dangerously like what Malthus described in 1798 as “positive checks”, which lead to premature death from disease, starvation and war, resulting in what is called a Malthusian catastrophe. In contrast, nearly every other government in Europe is pursuing a different strategy – one of containment. For once, the phrase “being ahead of the curve”, has deep meaning.
Tom Conroy
Dublin, Ireland

It has long been obvious that Boris Johnson exists in a moral vacuum, but to propose a public policy that tacitly accepts the potential death of thousands of people is beyond shameful and, equally so, to try to minimise its impact as the loss of loved ones before their time. Not only should we question the scientific validity of herd immunity, which the World Health Organization rejects, but also its morality. No wonder the rest of the world is looking with incredulity at the UK government’s response to Covid-19.
Alan Walker

Professor of social policy, University of Sheffield

• There is a reason why doctors take the Hippocratic oath. Now when key decisions on coronavirus are made by politicians, perhaps they should take it too. If herd immunity works, it will be at the cost of avoidable deaths – of patients, health workers and doctors. If it doesn’t work, we will have a social experiment that failed, at the cost of many human lives. Boris Johnson said that “many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time”. He should have finished his sentence with “and many of those deaths are avoidable”.

Other countries aren’t doing this, for good reason. If one of my friends or family die under this policy, I will seriously look at crowdfunding a judicial review. I think we should do everything possible to change this heartless and arrogant approach.
Amanda Edwards
Velindre, Llandysul

• Tony Yates quotes Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, as explaining part of the reason for not embracing bans (on gatherings) is to encourage “herd immunity”. Surely this is a misinterpretation of what herd immunity is? Before the polio vaccine was developed people got polio. They didn’t get herd immunity. Herd immunity is predicated on vaccination and it is the vaccinated who constitute the herd, not those with the disease. No vaccine just means more disease, not more immunity. This seems like a dangerous misunderstanding for one in such a pivotal role to make.
Dr Andrew Platman
GP retired, Beckenham, Kent

• Your correspondents (Show us the evidence behind Covid-19 policies, Journal, 14 March) are justified in their scepticism of the government’s response to Covid-19; Boris Johnson and his colleagues haven’t always been transparent on other matters. However, I do trust the chief medical officer (CMO) and chief scientific adviser (CSA) – expert clinician-scientists – and they appear to be leading decision-making at the moment.

The CMO and CSA are wrestling with complex, contradictory, partial and rapidly-changing data, and formulating recommendations as best they can. Of course, there’s a debate to be had as to why experts in other countries are initiating more severe restrictions, and more transparency on the modelling information being used would be welcome. More proscriptive actions come with significant risks of their own. For example, closing schools will potentially remove parents employed in health and social care from the workforce at this critical time and/or expose grandparents (the most vulnerable demographic) to risk of increased viral exposure if they take on childcare responsibilities.

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