Black People : The Good Ol’ Boys Are Getting Their Ducks In Order

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    The Good Ol’ Boys Are Getting Their Ducks In Order

    “Dean does not suggest that he has run an error-free campaign. He admits to plenty of mistakes. But his complaint that he has not gotten fair coverage is echoed by a report from the Center for Media and Public Affairs. The center's study of 187 CBS, NBC and ABC evening news reports found that only 49 percent of all on-air evaluations of Dean in 2003 were positive.
    other Democratic contenders collectively received 78 percent favorable coverage during the The same period. In the week after the Iowa caucuses, the center found that only 39 percent of the coverage of Dean on network evening news programs was positive; in contrast, 86 percent of the coverage of North Carolina Sen. John Edwards was positive, as was 71 percent of the
    coverage of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, the new front runner. Even CNN's general manager now admits that the cable networks overplayed the "scream" -- which was aired 633 times on national networks in the four days after Iowa voted on January 19.”- John Nichols The Nation 02-10-04

    So much for thinking the ordinary everyday folks could take back AmeriKKKa or that new energized young blood could salvage the Democratic party. The Good Ol’ Boy Network the ruling elites, the movers and shakers have spoken, “either way we win.” The upcoming 2004 national election appears to be all but set, Jon Forbes Kerry has been anointed by the shot callers in the proverbial cigar smoked corporate suites and international chalets as the front runner and standard barer for the Democrats. At this juncture the mainstream media has consigned all the lesser lights in the field to the junk heap. They seem all too eager to have John Forbes Kerry to oppose George W. Bush in the November elections. Unless a rumored sex scandal lurking in Kerry’s closet is dragged into the sunlight he will be the man the Democrats pin their hopes upon to defeat Dubeyah this Fall. In an almost miraculous turn of events Kerry went from being a lackluster also ran to the front runner. How did that happen? Did Howard Dean shoot himself in the foot? Did some scandal overtake him Or was this done by smoke and mirrors and the aid of the all pervasive media/PR/mind control apparatus? If I were a betting person my money would be on the media. The corporate owned media has an agenda that proves on a daily basis there is no real diversity or freedom of press in AmeriKKKa. If there were freedom of the press and an open marketplace of ideas and philosophies people like Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton would not have been marginalized, kicked to the curb and ignored by the mainstream media. Howard Dean would not have been savaged and ravaged in favor of a blue blood rich boy who was trailing by double digits in the polls a week or so before the Iowa caucuses.
    How did that happen, did Kerry energize his campaign, did he improve his media image while Dean suffered a massive meltdown? Not really. Kerry did come on stronger but it appears a decision was made by the ruling elites not to allow a Beltway outsider to advance any further, making the Iraq invasion and occupation the primary focus of his campaign rhetoric pointing out that his wealthier Senate rivals all supported the War and Bush’s domestic policies. The last thing the powers that be in AmeriKKKa (and the world) want is a populous candidate who invigorates and encourages the people to get involved and take back their country. That is why Dennis Kucinich has been virtually ignored by the mass media. They don’t want the masses to hear his message. That is why the campaign of Al Sharpton was highjacked by Bush operatives, exposed and discredited in the Village Voice, so the media could focus on Kerry and Edwards. While Kerry talks tough about jobs and wages for working folks he himself know nothing about that type of life. He is a genuine blue blood who can trace his ancestry to John Winthrop the first Governor of Massachusetts and there are indications he can trace his linage back to Louis IX of France! He is a millionaire, Kerry’s mother is from the Forbes real estate family and he is married to the millionaire widow of former US Senator John Heinz who was heir to the ketchup fortune. Kerry attended Yale University where he was initiated into the infamous Skull and Bones secret society of which George W Bush and his forefathers are also members. Kerry is also a member of the extremely influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which should give folks pause for concern.
    Why is this important? Because it tells a lot about Kerry, what type of backing he has and what his real agenda might be. His supporter say he is an independent thinker, his detractors say he is a crass opportunist, others suspect his meteoric rise is reward for past deals like his US Senate investigation of The Bank of Credit and Commerce (BCCI) a notorious international money laundering, drug running, bribery and covert front operation that produced no censure, indictments or jail time for the major principles or accessories one of whom was George H.W. Bush! History has shown the ruling elites have a pattern of rewarding devotees, pawns or stooges who assist their agenda, such as: US Senator Arlene Spector who rose to prominence after theorizing John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a “single bullet” or Congressman Gerald Ford who was also a member of the Warren (Whitewash) Commission (who miraculously became US President following Richard Nixon’s resignation) and Warren Commission member Allen Dulles an influential Wall Street lawyer who was the Director of the CIA who coincidentally (?) was fired by JFK. I say all this to suggest the idealistic grass roots aspect of the 2004 campaign is over, done, finished. The Beltway Boys have regained control and will spin the campaign agenda and issues to their liking and interest. Either way they run the show. If Bush wins the beat goes on, if Kerry wins there may be some superficial changes but AmeriKKKan imperialism will continue. Either way the ruling elites win because they now have all their ducks in order.