Black Spirituality Religion : The good and bad will have their own results separately and will not cancel each othe

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    The good and bad will have their own results separately and will not cancel each other

    The administration of the country through Government and courts is integrated with the underlying invisible administration of God. Every judge on this earth is controlled by God who is the ultimate divine judge. Some times, the judge in the court is mislead and gives wrong judgment so that the sinner is benefited and a good fellow is put to loss. The reason for this is that the good fellow now was a sinner in the previous birth or in the earlier time of this birth and grabbed the money or some form of wealth like work of the present sinner. The wrong judgment did the final justice only by the will of God. The case is closed here. But if you are a devotee of God, you will be compensated with some wealth elsewhere.

    You need not be upset with the wrong judgment because you are unaware of the complete background of the case. Your devotion to God has its own fruit separately and will not interfere with the judiciary system. The good and bad will have their own results separately and will not cancel each other. If good can cancel bad, every one will be tempted to do bad in a pressing situation so that it can be cancelled by doing some good later on. You expect to win the case in the court by your devotion to God. But the judgment of God has its own analysis and is not affected by any other factor except the strict procedure of the constitution of God for the deeds and their relevant fruits.

    The administration of God is always without any blame and some times people criticize God blaming that God is sleeping. Actually your ignorance is your sleep and therefore you are blaming God without knowing the complete background. People expect practical results for theoretical devotion. They ask for large and thick bread by supplying a spoon of wet flour! Either the bread will be large and thin or the bread will be small and thick for flour. You are trying to soap God by flattering Him through prayers or by expressing your exceptional talent in begging (like crying etc.). God is aware of every thing and fools you in return by dragging the good fruits from the next birth with reduced value and giving them to you.
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    The reason wrong judgments happen here on the earth is because of the corruption of men, and they themselves will have to answer for how they could do one harm is innocent of the crime accused.

    But all will be judged fairly before the Son; for those who have had faith through to the end, in the Son and His sacrifice in the body for our sins so that we might have salvation to our Father, and who have held belief in His works and resurrection from the dead to life eternal, they will be given the same. And to those who have denied the Son and the Father, they will be given the same of their own works.

    So long as we keep faith, belief, and the commandments, we can look forward on a road of light to where the Father sit in glory and the Son sit at His right hand.