African American History Culture : The Golden Stool

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    Many Africans came to the new world from the area we now know as Ghana, but in the 18th till 20th century was the Asante Kingdom, of the Akan people.


    Anyway the story of the Golden Stool is a very important part of that history.

    The golden stool(Sika Dwa) was given to the first Asante king Osei Tutu, by divine intervention. This stool holds the secret to the power of the Asantes.

    When in early 20th century Asante was occupied by the British, this stool played a central part in a war for liberation.

    This war is known as the War of the Golden Stool or Yaa Asantewaa War, after the female leader who led the war.

    In any case it is an interesting story.

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