Black Spirituality Religion : The Gold, Bull - Calf Symbolic Of Hathor Exodus Chapter Thirty - Two

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    Please Read Exodus 32 ; 1- 3 ;... The Name Hat - Hor Or Hathor Which Is Hat Meaning '' House , And Hor Meaning Of Horus' , Is Symblic Of The Golden Calf , That The Israelites Built In Exodus 32 ; 4 . Hathor , The Highest Of Goddesses Was The Wife Of Horus , The Falcon Headed Sky Deity . The Son Of Isis And Osiris . Which Means That They Were Brother AndSisters In The Symbol Of Kemet Or Khamet ( Egypt ) . Hat - Hor Is Also Hagar Meaning '' Rock '' Which Was Abram's Egyptian Wife As Mentioned In Genesis 16 ; 3 . When Moses AndThe Egyptian Israelites Left Egypt . They Passed Through An Area Called Sin In The Sinai Perinsula . On Down To A Place Called The Serabid Al Khadim , Where The Temple Of Hagar , Who Is Hathor Was . It's Also Called The Temple Of Dendera . It Was A Duplicate Of The Temple Of Dendera Which Was The Root Of The Astrological Charting In Egypt . The Ceiling Was Decorated In The Egyptian Astrological Chart . The Temple Of Dendera , Whose Ancient Name Is Tentyra , From The Word < Tamara > Meaning Land Of Ra > ;.. Is Located In Dendrea Which Is In North Of Karnak Also North Of Luxor In Nubia , The Temple Of Arabia Called The Kaaba Today Was Also A Temple To The Egyptian Deity Isis Or Aset , Or Uzza , Known In El's Holy Quran 23 ; 19 , As A Female Deity Worshipped By The Arabian Tribe Of The Ghatfaan . A Kaaba Was A Temple Originally Of This Egyptian Deity . Just As A Temple Of Hathor Was Erected In The Sinai Peninsula By The Philistine Hyksos Dynasty Or Gerar , Where The Family Of Abimelek Resided . There , They Built A Temple To Hathor In The Local Area Called Serabid Al Khadim . This Is Where Moses Received The 613 Commandment Or Laws. While Moses Was In The Temple Of Hagar , Hathor Receiving The Tablets Being Carved By The Etsbah <> Fingers Of The Eloheem In Exdus 32 ; 18 .A Group Of Deities That The Egyptian Referred To As Neteru ; The Children Of Israel Built A Golden Massaykaw , Meaning Molten ' Aygbel <> Meaning Calf , Symbolic Of The Egyptian Deity Hathor , Who Is Also Called Athyr . And The Greek Identify Her With Their Own Female Deity Aphrodite . Hathor Is Referred To As The Celestial Cow Who Gave Birth To The Universe And All That It Contain , AndIs Represented In The Form Of A Cow . El's Holy Quran Dedicated The Whole Chapter 87 To This Deity Called Sura Al Baqarah , Chapter Of The Heifer , Cow . It Is The Longest Chapter In The Whole Of El's Holy Quran , And Within It . They Discuss The Story Of Moses And The Children Of Israel And The Golden Calf In Verse 51 , The World Has Been Deceived Into Thinking That Moses Was Up In The Mountain Of Sinai For Forty Days AndForty Nights In Exodus 24 ; 18 , Which Is Also Called Jabal El Nuwr , Meaning Mountain Of The Light . The Muslims World Named A Mountain After Moses Called '' Jebel Musa , Meaning 'Mount Of Moses , < To Imply That This Is Where He Received His Revelation ( El's Holy Quran 44 ; 51 - 52 ) . To This Day , No Exact Location Has Been Found To Verify That . HowEver , 90 Miles In The Same Sinai Area , The Temple Of The Golden Calf Goddesses Hathor Has Been Found , With Drawing On The Walls Of Hebrews Marching From Khemet . There Are Also Writings On The Walls Of The Deitry El . But When They WroteEl In The Caves At Serabid El Khadim , They Wrote In Hieroglyhics A Form Of Egyptian Pictorial Writings . So The Egyptian Kohane Priest Were Teaching The Children Of Israel That The '' El '' And ''' Hu '' Were One And The Same They Taught Them About Stories Of Abraham Being Their Link And Pathway Back To The Land Of Canaan . Because Hathor Is Hagar , The Egyptian Wife Of Abram ( Genesis 16;3 ) And Mother Of Ishmael ( Genesis 16 ; 15 ) From Which You Get The Ishmaelites , Not To Be Mistaken With The Disagreeable , The Edomite Ishmaelites Which Were A Product Of Ishmael's Daughter Basiymah Or Mahalath Marrying Into Esau's Family In Genesis28 ; 8 - 9 . So Abraham Was TheirLink To The Promise Land Of Canaan ( Genesis 16 ; 9 - 13 ) And Received A Calling From El Roi , Ra , Or Re. Which Is Amun - Ra Later Pronounced As Amon - Ra ( Genesis 16 ; 13 ... < Now Read Exodus 32 ; 4 - 35 > For The Rest Of The Story :geek: :uzi:
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    If one is mixing the Qur'an and the Holy Scriptures, I believe that'd cause some confusion.

    The Scriptures deceives no one, but those who don't seek life from the Word therein, would think that.

    It's as Paul taught us, on how the Word smells as death to some, but for those who accept the Word in their heart, it smells of life.

    What's deceptive about the truth? Not a thing, but people still flee from her as though she'd do them wrong. All that's within the Scriptures from the beginning to the time Abraham first knew the Father to the time those seeking like began to know the Faithful Son who came as sacrifice, is for our benefit and understanding.

    Wisdom lay therein, life can be attained by belief and faith in the Word, and a resurrection await all faithful to the Son just as He was resurrected and Ascended to the Most High.