Brother AACOOLDRE : The Goddess Venus & the Caesars

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    By Andre Austin

    Being a creative history buff and writer I decided to apply the numbers 5, 6, 7 to Venus and then to three Emperors of ancient Rome. The Dynasty of the Flavian Emperors of ancient Rome claiming descent of Venus were Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. Isis/Venus was the Evening/Morning star

    Isis-Venus was a goddess of Navigation. The greatest feast of the cult of Isis was that of the Ship. On a great number of coins of Asia, Isis is represented standing on a galley, holding a veil infated by the wind” (Sex & Race By J.A. Rogers p.282. But lets not get it twisted because this wind never did anything to Isis her robe no one has lifted up (Perpetual Virgin).

    1. Vespasian=555, (The Father) before destroying the Jewish Temple in 70AD, the night before the raid he visited the Temple of Isis (The War of the Jews Book 7, Chapter 5.4). Then Vespasian dispatched three ship-loads of young Jews to the brothels of Rome (Everyman’s Talmud by Abraham Cohen p.45. Four female ancestors of Jesus were prostitutes. The ancient Romans knew the Rose as the flower of Venus and was the badge of her sacred prostitutes (The Biggest Secret By David Icke p.151. Rosa rugosa, one of the oldest species of Rose, had five petals and pentagonal symmetry, just like the guiding star of Venus, giving the Rose strong iconographic ties to womanhood. In addition, the Rose had close ties to the concept of True direction and navigating one’s way (The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown p.202). Vespasian, nickname was "The Mule driver" giving direction to the Jews after he defeated them on land and sea. Vespasian and Titus made themselves out to be a Type of Moses taking back over the land of Israel. The Moses Zipporah/Venus tale of removing her sons foreskin with a sharp flint stone (Exod 4:25, Zipporah throws the organ at Moses's feet (penis) for bridgroom blood. This bizarre epicode resmbles castration for Venus is created out of bloody foam. Vespasian and Titus were nortorious for making enuchs up to the point that Domitian had to out law it. Vespasian, Titus, Domitian saw themselves as chopping down the Jewish messianic Tree (penis) and then grafting themselves onto the New branch. In this context we should read the Letter of Jude which talks about the wandering stars foaming up shame on Vespasian and Titus who prunned their enemies.

    Vespasian cameo appearnce in the Gospels as Serapis (Osiris, a Tree God) who spits in the eyes of the blind and he first see Vespasian as a Tree then a man.

    2. Titus=666 ( The Son) Titus name in Greek is Teitan which equals 666 (Rev 13:18 & Galatians 2:3). The Pythagoreans equated the number 6 with Venus, motherhood and with Eve (The Christ Conspiracy By Acharya S p.271).

    Titus appearnce in the Bible as the Son of man who Fish men in battle with hooks and spears, encircle Jerusalem with a wall before destroying it in 70AD and enforced starvation upon the Jew forcing them into canabalism which is transformed into the Eucarist of eating the lost Penis of Osiris. This is the true context of the word Gospel=Good news of military victory.

    3. Domitian=777 (The Terrible Spirit) claiming he is the Root and offspring of David, and the Bright Morning star/Venus (Rev 22:16). With Domitian being the last, complete and final emperor to seize the Title "Jesus Christ" inorder to trick people into worshiping them by other names adopting the Catholic Trinity and all claimed descent of Venus.

    Domitian appearance in the Bible as a Terrible spirit who cuts and sodomizes Paul/Paulina, dons a wig made of wool, its him or Nero who's the Red dragon inducing abortions and he plays the role of Anubis knowning the deeds of men allowing him to registering/unregistering names in the Book of life/death.


    It should be noted that when the Old Testament, (Isaiah 14:12), was talking about a Babylonian King they called him Lucifer "light bringer". Lucifer is another name for Venus the morning/evening star.

    Mary, Elizabeth, Jesus and Joseph are recast characters of Isis, Horus, Osiris & Nephthys