Chief Elder Osiris : The god Of This World Is Not The God Of The Universe

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, who among us is aware of the power we have assigned to White People
    and most importantly to White People who control the Minds of the world, at
    our consent.

    Now, let me say this, contrary to what you might think, I do not Hate all
    white people, nor am I hateful toward any, as a matter of fact I have
    respectful acquaintence with some white people and as you all know, I do not
    pretend to love everybody and especially those who have displayed a evil
    behavior toward Afrikan people and I do not take the Time to separate all
    white people in accordance to the way they think and behave toward Afrikan

    I let them do so by their action and behavior they display toward Afrikan

    So the Truth is, Yes my dear beloved, white people is our God of this world
    as I speak, like it or not, or pretend otherwise if you desire and yet they
    also represent the angels we assign as being God representatives to us mere

    So, have you ever stop and wonder why it is, when you hear of Black people
    criticizing and denouncing white people for the way they behave toward the
    Afrikan People and refer to us as being the personification of evil, then
    tell me, why Black people get so offended of those who are doing the
    corrective identification of white people, more so than white people
    themselves get offended ?

    Beloved, do you remember the Time when white people had summed Black people
    up as being Evil and still do, they say we are bad luck and an alien to
    receiving or being deserving of the pleasure of God, yes, less than a Human
    Being and Black people accepted such opinion and description of us without
    question, all because the God of this world had so decreed it to be so, of
    us Black people?

    Of course you know there are always exception to the rule being applied,
    there I have made that clear.

    Tell me beloved, what is it that we do not react to in this world that white
    people have not set the parameters and standards to?

    All of our debates and discussion is based on the mind of white people and
    their act of behavior in the world and more particular the Black Afrikan
    world, they set the Rule of Law that govern how we are to believe about all
    things that affect our lives and how we to behave in life.

    We have allowed white people to become the symbol of the paragon of
    Truth-Lies, Good-Bad, Right-Wrong, Moral-immoral, Heaven-Hell, Who god is-
    Who the Devil is, every aspect of our lives and how we are to live it,
    germinate out of the mental bosom of White People.

    We Afrikans have allowed our very Nature to be transformed to meet the
    criteria of white people.

    White people tell us which way is up and which way is down and what
    represent purity and what represent uncleanness, white is pure and Black is
    not pure, our lives revolve around the white man opinion about everything
    under the Sun, as a matter of fact, the White Man has become the symbol of
    the Sun on earth, yes we have allowed him to assume our identity as well as
    our authority we once applied on this planet, not any more.

    Now it is a sin to think about the Human diversity, Race now has become a
    none factor, because the white man has so decreed it to be so, he has become
    our God on Earth, serving as the center of our Humanity and all else now
    revolve around White People.

    Beloved, this is not to say that there is not some white people who do not
    enjoy what members of the White Humanity has done to this planet and the
    Black world that live upon it, but the reality is, white people are in
    control of this world we make up and now serve as our God on earth and the
    Afrikan now worship white people without question or inhibition, calling on
    the White man for mercy and blessing, forever to deny the once purity of the
    Black Afrikan Being.

    The Afrikan no longer desire to be liberated from under the control of the
    White man, we now desire to assimilate into him.

    Beloved I know you dislike hearing such a thing about ourselves, Black and
    Afrikan that we are and there are some Black Afrikans that can be Charcoal
    Black and will dispute you down that they are not Afrikan and show not
    black, you know, black as to the term and meaning white folks have assigned
    to what we know of as colors, now we forever long for the day when we will
    look like the "White Man", his Jesus, the "son of God" he so eloquently
    portray himself as being, as the Afrikan world humbly submit and bow to the
    white God of this world, as we despise the gods of our Ancient Afrikan

    Tell me, since we have crowned the White Man Lord and God of this, our
    world, then tell me, who is the God of the Universe, or better still I must
    ask, what is the God of the Universe and is it full of need to be
    worshipped, Honored and Feared as the White God of the planet world so
    demand and teach us about God ?


    The God of the Universe is neither White or Black, Jew or Gentile, It Is
    what It Is, the Sinew of all Energy, wrapped within the covering of the Holy
    and Divine Mass of Darkness, this is not an identity that is being ascribed
    to It, that is just the way It Is and It Play not one of that It has
    presented to the lower world against the other.

    The God of the Universe has no Ego, nor is it a God of Emotions, therefore
    It Is Not A God That Can Be Made Jealous, nor Does It Prescribe Plans nor a
    list of commands for us to adhere to and follow nor require to be

    God Is a God of Its own existence, without a constant shape or form and
    certainly not physical.

    The God of the Universe is God over all else that is a part of the Universes
    within the Eternal Infinite Space Time Continuum and did produced and reveal
    all that we see, think we see and attempt to see of the Universe.

    The Universe moves in an orderly, Harmonious and Balance fashion and to that
    which has a level of energetic consciousness, did That God force present to
    be a higher intelligent physical part of the Universe, which is referred to
    as Life, an action of motion to a physical Being, with the ability to
    reason, such became the gift to life of what is referred to as Humanity on a
    reasonable rational, logical level of motional activity, with life having a
    limit on this planet world.

    So, beloved, all that the God of the Universe revealed, is entitle to
    maintain its quality, in which it has been presented to us.

    Therefore, all life is entitle to live a life in peace, Harmony, Orderly and
    in Balance and do so with all parts that make up the Universe and all who do
    not live such a life, is in violation of the intelligence of the God of the
    Universe and such disorderly motion will in fact experience energy grids
    that are not in keeping with Harmonious alternation of the prime energy,
    which will cause the principal of opposite to not be in sync and when such
    happen, an imbalance life will we experienced, bringing on all sorts of
    physical ills and a mental imbalance that will cause the life of a people to
    suffer from such de-harmonizing pressure, which bring about a degrading of
    the life of the Being, as we Afrikans serve as evidence, living such an
    imbalance life.

    The Afrikan People have forsaken the gods of our Ancient Afrikan Ancestors,
    for the God of this world, the white man, and such a rule of his, is in
    keeping with the Anti-nature he so represent, with a desire to rule and
    dominate all others, for purpose to serve his selfish wants to benefit him,
    destroying all that interfere with his plan.

    The God of the Universe is the One And Only true God, of which Our Ancient
    Afrikan Ancestors had knowledge of and did so acknowledge by the life they
    lived, in keeping with those principals, harmony, order and balance, as they
    interacted with the Elemental Forces of the Universe and was at peace in
    their Soul.

    So I warn you again my beloved, the Afrikan is in need of an Afrikan
    Spiritual Retreat, It is all about the Afrikan reclaiming the original Soul
    of the Afrikan and when such happen, the God of this world will not have
    dominion over the Afrikan ever again.

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    [email protected]
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