Black Poetry : the getaway

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    The Getaway

    3:00 AM on a Friday night, the streets are quite clear
    we suddenly see two white orbs in the rear-view: headlights
    the police pull behind us, the reason....

    I’m riding shotgun so I should be calm, but there’s more to the story
    I’m about to explode like napalm, because I got a warrant for not reporting
    I know if he asks for my name it’s gonna get a little sticky
    I’m three miles away from home
    but I can’t sit here and let them stick me
    a million thoughts running through my dome

    Why am I out here with two white girls and a friend?
    Shouldn’t I be home sleeping my cares away?
    When will I put these silly fantasies to an end,
    about sleeping the night away and live in the light of day?
    I’m trapped in shadows and locked away in dreams
    life is no better, things are never as they seem.

    So I calmly tell them all I’m about to make a break
    running has always been easy for me, so many demons to escape
    The ladies put their arms around me and begged me don’t go
    but excitement is a drug that addicts you and you barely know
    I saw the twinkle in her eyes and felt in her touch: pure passion
    but this isn’t the way I envisioned love happening

    I broke their embrace and waited for opportunity to knock
    my heart felt like a bomb hooked to an eternal clock!
    Sure enough they came back to read me my rights
    as he began to search my person I spun and took off like a flight
    it only took a few steps and they realized I’m kinda fast
    they would need lots of help to catch (his black ***)
    I hit the first couple of fences and realized I’ve got potential
    could either be an athlete or a guest of a penal institution

    As I’m lying close to the ground in the dense foliage
    trying to control my ragged breathing
    I hear two- way radios in the distance, are they really searching for me?
    Or am I just dreaming?
    The torn clothing from a barbed wire fence
    told me it was reality and shocked me to my senses

    It was like living a movie, and that realization really moved me
    I couldn’t live like this because nobody wrote me a script!
    I had to make a change, my life needs rearranged
    the stereotype I’d become quickly had me feeling sickly

    They say God works in mysterious ways,
    I’ve been really understanding that these days
    the so-called friend that was with me gave them my full name
    that’s the kinda betrayal that drives a man insane.
    But I’m gonna try to look with my soul and not my eyes
    and try my best to see him as an angel in disguise

    I’m going to turn myself in and hope for the best
    and since the sun rises in the east, keep my face to the west
    I’ll have a lot of time to soul search for answers to my questions
    and figure out the best way to learn life’s lessons
    try to keep my soul afloat and not sink into the great depression
    and let what’s left of my life turn into a worse mess
    there’s a lot of freedom to be found in constraint
    it frees the imagination from any and all restraints

    My life’s mission is to rectify my mistakes
    and through it all never forget to pray.

    Derrick H.
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    No doubt Poet!!

    This is a cool issue to speak on Poet!! I believe a lot of our experiences turn into being some of the greatest lessons in life...
    Even though it may be tough and we can't see our way God will always be there making a way out of no way especially when we remember to pray...Tyte Poet!!:toast:
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    your words mean a lot to me. thanx for sharing