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    Peace and may Benevolence be your guide... this is Bulletin # 41... to acquire the full comprehension of this profound knowledge, start with Bulletin # 2...Our True Origins...

    Continuing from Bulletin # 40; The Curse... The dangerous and diabolical nature of the deceiver, makes it imperative that we arrive at an indepth overstanding, concerning the ancestry of People, because those that embrace Malevolence, provide a temple in which Haylal dwells.

    The children of JAPHETH and his wife IFAT, were Gomer and his wife Nidiba, Magowg and his wife Fugana, Madai and his wife Wanda, Tubal and his wife Aydan, Mishykh and his wife Faqima, Tiyreya and his wife Latasha (the Gomerites, Ashkenazites, Tiphathites and Togarmahites), Javan and his wife Sauda, Eliyshah and his wife Lillith, Tarshiysh and his wife Gaamah, Kitty and his wife Maryam, Dudaniym and his wife Wanida... each one in their tongue, after their clan and families in their nation.

    The children of HAM and his wife HALIYMA, were Cush and wives Semiramis and Nuballah, Mizraim and his wife Khatuwn, Phut and his wife Lib, and Canaan (born a Nubian Albino), had four wives named; Hildar, Salha, Hitara, and Shingarah.

    The children of SHEM (the elder brother) and his wife FAATIN were; Elam and his wife Huda, Asshur and his wife Ruth, Arphaxad and his wife Hammath, Lud and his wife Naimah, Aram and his wife Husna.

    The children of HAM exhibited many changes in terms of the mixing of Races and Languages... Cush son of HAM and his wife Semiramis gave birth to Nimrod "one who rebelled", which comes from the Hebrew word "Marada" meaning; "he rebelled or revolted". His real name in the Babylonian tongue was Marar, which is the same as Qamar, meaning; "warrior". Nimrod was a Cushite of the Hamite family or people, a Nubian. Originally he had respect and much gratitude, for ANU, he sat on the council with the Anunaqi. He opposed the teachings of ABRAM, prior to ABRAM meeting with MELCHIZEDEQ as mentioned in Genesis 14:18 . He Nimrod named a city called "CALNEH" meaning; "Fortress of ANU" in Genesis 10:10, in honor of ANU. As time went on , Nimrod let his greed consume him, and wanted to rule the entire world. As a result of his mindset, he built the tower of Babel, "Bab" in Arabic meaning; "Door to the MOST HIGH". In the Acadian language, it is "Bab-llu the Gate of the MOST HIGH", mistaken for the Latin "Balbus meaning; Stammerer to Stutter". Also mistranslated from the Latin to the English. Genesis 10:10, Babel meaning "confusion", describes the incident of confounding the Tongues causing Confusion. Nimrod is referred to as a Ghibbore, as the beings that came down from above in Genesis 6:4, so originally Nimrod was classified with the Anunaqi as a Ghibbore (one of the sons of an Anunaqi, that came down to Earth).

    Mizraim the second son of HAM, "those of the red soil", who is the Egyptian and his wife Haatun, and their children; Luwdim and his wife Naiyma, Animim and his wife Amma, Lehabim and his wife Numma, Maphtuhim and his wife Umure, Fathirsim and his wife Nuba, Kasluhim and his wife Karimah from whom came the Philistines, Caphtorim and his wife Nassanah.

    Canaan (Labana) born a Nubian albino (absent of Melanin), and the curse of leprosey fell upon him (the forth son), due to a sin his father HAM committed. The Anunaqi developed and applied the disease, upon the request of UTNAFISHTIM (NOAH), thus the cursed seed of Canaan. His Nubian wife was also his sister Salha, daughter of HAM and HALIYMA, Canaan had four wives. He and Salha bore three disagreeable; Heth meaning; "terrible", Arwad meaning "desirous" and Hammath meaning "burnt". And of his second wife Shingrah who was an Anaqite (disagreeable), their first born named Sidon meaning "fortified", and Jebus meaning "desolate". His third wife Hildar a horite (cave dweller), bore Girga meaning "rough ones", Arkiy meaning "those who sweat" and Siniy meaning "yearly". His fourth wife Hitarah a Halaabean Flugelrod bore, Amor meaning "mountain dweller" Hiwiy meaning "tent dwellers", Zemar meaning "counsel", Admah "the dumb ones", Zeboim "the warriors", and Lasha "the annointed". And their borders extended from Sidon to Gerar to Gizah to Sodom and Gomorrah, where those ruled by material things reside... to be continued... the next Bulletin: The Genealogies part 2... Peace
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