Black Poetry : The Gates of Truth

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
America's paranoia
Don't eat the food
Don't drink the water
And don't let that Mad Cow disease
Cross the border

Don't have sex
But how can your reproductive system
Turn killer
Nature don't work like that
Sex was meant to be enjoyed not
Subject to russian roulette

Somebody slipped a mickey
Into the ancient city
Now it makes life risky
When you try to get BUSY

They keep you paranoid and scared
Don't stay in the sun don't breathe the air
So you're either ultra-conservative
Or like me you just don't care

The birth of man was on the African continent
But what I don't get
Is the raunchiness
EBOLA and AIDS from my ancestry, yes?
Yeah, okay
Yo it's been one million years and now you detect
You suspect
Yeah I bet
"YOU" invaded a land with "YOUR" plague and disease
and "YOUR" human neglect
and you want to know why I'm upset?
"You" ran us out of Afronet

"You" will never hurt us
The truth will surface
So I make you nervous
Cause I provide a service

I come from the slaves, it's in my DNA
Close is the day
When we will have our way
And keep "YOU" at bay

Go to the supermarket and
you think the food is for your health
When it's about profit and how much it SELLS
Generic one-dimensional
Saturated with toxic chemicals
This makes the death slow and undetected
How else can they make profit if this was mentioned
And all the truth I'm unfolding
Can cause cancer in my colon
So the So'ja keeps praying and hoping
That you get the message
Now that the "GATES OF TRUTH" are open

When you're from the streets like me
Paranoia don't effect ya
Cause we already neglected
So to my people living comfortable
I'm just passing the message

Peace From Under The Streets
In The Basement


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