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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    First of all, allow me to say this to you Afrikans and whatever else we confuse Afrikans decide to become, since we do not know anything about our Divine self, it is an empirical Fact, that the controlling factor of our Body is our Mind or shall I say the Mind that operate the body and the Mind is no more than what we refer to as Thoughts of conscious and it has been proved that the Mind can be influenced to Think as those that has gained power over the Mind, will have you to believe, with belief being of the lowest Dimension of the mind action.

    I am saying this because of the game I am witnessing the Afrikan Human Being Play concerning our ignorance about ourselves, yet as we enter our Little meaningless game, we give off the impression that whomever the Afrikan Human Being disagree with that is presenting the antithesis to all that the Human Being has been successful in teaching the Afrikan Human Being, some way and some how such display of gamesmanship coming from the Afrikan Human Being is suppose to have condemning affect upon those that are Black and Seekers of our Divine Mind, and now Think Freely about all that Life has had to experience, and is experiencing to this Day, and it be such Freedom of Mind that require the Divine Seekers to dismiss all that the Human Being has so constructed to be the accepted Social, Economic, Education, Political, Psycological and Religious construct for all the world to obey and all black People now Transformed to believe as the Human Being Does, are religious conformist to the Human Being Doctrine of Life and their History about it.

    Not so with those of us who have ascended Mentally to a Level whereby we now See with our Divine Mind, as it is coming more into Divine focus to us and there is nothing that the Afrikan Human Being who receive their doctrine about Life from the Primary Human Beings, can teach us, that we have not already heard from their master Human Beings teacher, those people with a History of abusing, Lying, and Deceiving the Black World, they that represent the Prime evil to first walk upon this Planet, referred to as Earth.

    So, here the Afrikan Human Beings are, attempting to sound so intelligent, having no more to share with the Black world concerning the cause for our Down Fall from our Divine State of consciousness, than what the Human Being has to say about the World as they have so styled it to become, now under the authority and control of those the Afrikan Human Being look to for intellectual Directions, as if those people referring to themselves as a Human Being, has a track record of Divine Attitude and Behavior toward God, Universe, and the Black World, not so beloved, and that is why the Afrikan Human Being is without a Creative Thought today and I am supposed to be concerned about what the Afrkan Human Being believe of Me, and teach, knowing that which the Afrkan Human Being believe, is set upon the Lying Foundation of the Human Being Mind.

    Case and Point, to all of you who have to beef with the Divine Truth, take this issue about God, I have so vividly indicated from my Mental Purview what the Divine Essence represent, the God over any and everything that move, and Move Not, so when I use the Term GOD, coming from my Divine Conceived Perspective, it should be common understanding that I am not referencing the Human Being concept of their God.

    Therefore, I do not need to play games with the Mind of Black People in an attempt to display my Divine Mental Prowess, I am not going to go through all of the meaningless formalities to show the break down of where the Term God, as so produced by the Human Being come from, Hell, I can care less where the Human Being god terminology come from because I no longer reside on that level of Mental Sewage, so whenever I speak of a God, it is the equivalent to the Divine Essence, that Divine Reality which our First Way Ancestors so Taught us about, the Ancestors that the Afrikan Human Being know nothing about.

    Therefore, whenever we have the Want to delve into our Past, the Past Life Living of the Black World, whose Life Living is Divided into Different dispensations of Time and because the Afrkan Human Being Mind forbid the Afrikan Human Being Mind from going the distant into our Past Lives in order to be able to Know the Divine Truth concerning whom we Black People are, there is where the Human Being had not yet arrived on the scene of our Black Divine Lives, it is such divine Knowledge that be such a Mental Handicap that prevent the Afrkan Human Being from knowing the entire Divine story about our Life Journey upon this Planet.

    The History of the Human Being account concerning the Black Life upon this planet does not mean a **** to me, because I have been given the Revelation to know that all that the Human Being has informed us abut concerning our Black selves, happen to be a Lie for the act to deceive Black People about our stage of Life when we Lived as Divine Beings, and not Human Beings, a Being that teach you Afrikans that there is No One Perfect ever to Walk this Planet and that they being the Human Being, is the Carnation of Evil, with an Evil Gift to deceive he Black World and now it be the Afrikan Human Being that can not See that the Life Struggle is between those of us that is on the Rise to reclaim our Divine Mind and those who confess to be Human Beings, living and acting as they have so defined and described themselves to be, Liars and Deceivers that they are, the Human Being I do speak o.

    So do not attempt to convince me that Evil is equivalent to Divinity and both attitude and Behavior is of the making of the Divine Essence, not so beloved, you see when you are unable to comprehend that the Divine Essence does not interplay on the physical Level, then you end up assuming all about the Divine Essence is as been so taught about the Human Being God, and that is why the Black World is in the Condition we are in today and will remain so, until we are able to See the Divine Distinction between the Human Being God and the God, our Divine Essence, one is of Divine Reality and the other is the Fantasy of the Imagination of the Human Being.

    Tell me beloved, who so sanction the Human Being to be so powerful to the point that whatever they have so constructed to be the guide of the Human Bing Life Living, such a construct must be adhered to and accepted to be the Guide for the Black Life, not so beloved, can you not See that there is a Fundamental difference in he Phenotype of the Human Being and the Black Divine Being ? but we in our haste to dissolve ourselves into the Mentology of the Human Being, we hesitate not to abandon our potential to recapture our Divine Mind, the sign of a Lost and confused Afrikan People, you who now choose to play games with that which is the Divine Truth, as if you be hurting other than your newly acquired Human Being Self of a Mind.

    Beloved, if yo do not have something to give me that I have not heard before, where is the advantage of me dining at your Human Being Mind Table ?

    Today, the Afrikan Human Being love to play the Human Being Game, which is to maintain the Confusion amongst a Black world gone insane, because we now operate under the Authority of somebody other than ourselves Mind, that Mind being the Human Being Mind, the Mind that play games with the lives of Black People, wanting Black People to remain a prison of the Human Being Religion, the Prison in which the Black Divine Mind is held captive and without our Divine Mind, it prevent us from developing the desire to Free our Divine Mind, so that the Black Spirit of Liberation will follow.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth, We Rather Play Games With The Human Being Lies.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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