Black Poetry : The Game

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    Is to be sold,
    and not told,
    imagine telling one person,
    will it get far enough?
    Indeed the game of life,
    is a dirty crap shooter,
    a hand of cards,
    the deck of life,
    you play your last,
    vice your might,
    pay your dues,
    by giving back,
    however you can,
    cause somebody was just born,
    from your city,
    to another massive or small land,
    that does not know all,
    could be blinded,
    we are all related,
    physically and non,
    wisdom is within perception,
    knowledge is often the key to advancement,
    if i were in a tribe,
    i would not need,
    the world's lesson,
    then again how are they,
    to know about me,
    the visitors on the outside?
    Each one teach one,
    pay my dues to life,
    and in return i will get paid,
    that's just the way it is,
    and things will never be the same,
    i did not create the rules,
    though i know the extremes,
    and the his/her story of people,
    that knows the same rules as i,
    once you know it,
    then you can bend it,
    don't break it...
    or life will break you,
    the game....

    "Diary of a Black Man"